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DOW Seeking Males Who Shot Ducks With Blow Darts

By: Kris Hazelton Rick Spowart, Colorado Division of Wildlife Manager reported to us this week that he is looking for any information on several males who were seen shooting blow darts at the ducks that live in the pond behind The OtherSide Restaurant and the Country Supermarket last week. According to Spowart, three males, armed with blow guns, darted the ducks as they swam peacefully in the pond. One mall ...

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Red-Tailed Hawk Shot In Carriage Hills

By: Scott Rashid Being a Bird Rehabilitator, I am often called to rescue an injured or orphaned bird. If the bird is injured, the injury is most often human caused. Birds get stuck in barbed wire fences, crash into windows, get hit by cars etc. I understand those types of injuries and in many cases; I can rehabilitate the birds and release them back to the wild. The one injury that I find intolerable is whe ...

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