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Stash Your Trash, The Bears Are Back!

 By: Kris Hazelton DOW Bear Aware Volunteer Several bear/human encounters were reported in Estes Park last week. With the lack of rain we have been experiencing, the bears natural food sources are drying out and bears are seeking an easy food source, bringing them closer to places where we live and work in search of an easy meal. Once bears get needed calories from human-related food sources, they are very ...

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Don’t Pet The Elk!

Occupants of this vehicle were watching some cow elk with five calves. The cows were being quite protective, yet this particular cow for some reason, wandered over to this mini van and stuck its head into the window. An offer of food perhaps? Feeding wildlife is illegal and cow elk can be very dangerous animals, especially when protecting their young. All of a sudden, an arm slowly came from the window of t ...

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Please Think Twice Before “Rescuing” Young Wildlife

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal for many of Colorado's wildlife species. Throughout the state, longer days and warmer temperatures set the stage for the arrival of newborn wild animals. While this can be an exciting time to view wildlife, the Division of Wildlife (DOW) would like to remind people not to approach, relocate or handle any newborn animals. ...

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Be Careful-It’s Elk Calving Season

By: Kris Hazelton Colorado Division of Wildlife Volunteer The new baby elk are now being born in the Estes Valley. With these births and the proximity of the elk population to Estes Park residents and visitors, here are a few words of caution and some things we should be aware of, to prevent any potentially harmful human/elk encounters. Last spring, a cow elk gave birth to a calf on East Riverside Drive and ...

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DOW Searching For Clues On Who Shot Red Tailed Hawk

On Sunday, April 6th, Rick Spowart, Colorado Division of Wildlife Manager received a call about a large hawk in Estes Park that was unable to fly and needed help. Upon arrival, he discovered an injured Red-Tailed Hawk at Pine Meadow Drive in Carriage Hills. With the help of the land owner and bird rehabilitator Scott Rashid, Spowart gathered the bird and placed a towel over it and discovered it was bleeding ...

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Dive Team Are Heroes For Saving Elk From Frigid Waters

Last Sunday, a young bull elk, approximately three years old, fell into the lake located just off of Fall River Road. Someone phone emergency dispatch and they contacted Rick Spowart, Estes Park’s Division of Wildlife Manager who had dispatch page the Estes Park Dive Rescue Team to help him out. The Dive Rescue Team arrived on scene right away and assessed the situation prior to Spowarts arrival. Members of ...

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