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Bluebird Nest Boxes Available

By: Scott Rashid While I was placing the owl nest boxes a few weeks ago, many of you asked for bluebird boxes. We have built a number of nest boxes for blue birds that are available for placement. In the Estes Valley, there has been at times all three bluebird species nesting. The three species are; the mountain, western and Eastern Bluebirds. The most common species, the Mountain Bluebirds prefer open coun ...

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New Bigfoot Tracks Found?!

Four weekends ago, on Sunday, January 27 Warren Kunish and his wife were walking about a half mile west of Sprague Lake when they saw what they thought might be a black bear track. On the way back to the trailhead, Warren decided to take a picture with his foot in it to give some scale to this print because this footprint was just huge! The photos shown here are what they saw. The Colorado Bigfoot Research ...

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Town Board Approves Purchase Of Public Bear-Resistant Trash Containers

At its Jan. 8 meeting, the Estes Park Town Board approved spending $19,500 for bear-resistant trash containers. Combined with a grant received by the League of Women Voters and Community Recycling Committee for recycling containers, these funds will purchase 24 bear-resistant dual-use trash and recycling containers. Containers are scheduled to be installed before the summer season. “Installing bear-resistan ...

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Task Force Organizes Bear Education For The Community

A community-driven task force is in the final stages of planning for bear education throughout the Estes Valley in 2013. The Bear Education Task Force will interact with local residents and children, lodging establishments, restaurants, other businesses and organizations, and guests of Estes Park. Information will be tailored to each audience, explaining what they can do to help bears. Task force member Sus ...

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Check Yards For Possible Entanglement Risks

Rick Spowart, Wildlife Manager with Colorado Parks and Wildlife last week had to drug immobilize a bull elk that was caught up in a hammock. Bull elk will spar with anything that moves and Spowart is now urging all residents to please bring in your swings, tetherballs, hammocks, ropes, anything that an elk may become entangled with and pose a threat to their life. Outdoor lighting and decorations can pose s ...

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Bear Breaks Into Vehicle

By: Kris Hazelton Even though we’re now into late fall, be aware that not all of the bears have hibernated yet. Just last week, Lisa and Dave Devine had their vehicle broken into and destroyed by a hungry bruin, looking for food. The car was parked in the driveway of the family home in Glen Haven when it was broken into. As evidenced by paw prints, the bear popped open the door and hopped in, looking for fo ...

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The Boreal Owl

By: Scott Rashid The Boreal Owl is so named because it is found in the boreal forests throughout the northern hemisphere. We are fortunate to have these owls living within RMNP. They are most often heard but not seen. Many a birder has placed this species on their life list as "heard only" due to the owls ability to remain out of sight when vocalizing after dark. Within RMNP the Boreal Owl prefers the old g ...

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Reward For Killing Of Baby Bear Increased

$5,000 Reward is being posted for any information concerning the killing of the baby bear cub in Estes Park on August 12. Bears Are Us is posting reward money of $4,500 and Operation Game Thief has a reward of $500 for a total of $5,000! Many thanks to all the caring people who provided donations. Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers are investing this poaching crime. The 20 pound female bear cub was shot i ...

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