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Looking For A Few Good Volunteers-Bighorn Brigade Recruitment

Beginning in mid May, a dedicated group of volunteers known as the Bighorn Brigade will be back on duty. This volunteer group helps staff the Sheep Lakes Information Station in Horseshoe Park, one of the premier wildlife viewing areas in Rocky Mountain National Park. Volunteers furnish information to park visitors about bighorn sheep and other park resources protect the migration of bighorn sheep across Hwy ...

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Temporary Closures To Protect Nesting Raptors In Rocky Mountain National Park

Each year to protect raptor nesting sites, Rocky Mountain National Park officials initiate temporary closures in the Lumpy Ridge and Sheep Mountain areas of the park. To enable wildlife managers to gather information and ensure that raptors can nest undisturbed, specific areas within the park are closed temporarily to public use during nesting season. All closures went in to effect on March 1 and will conti ...

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Rocky Mountain National Park Gives Donation To Ambulance Fund

On  March 18, Rocky Mountain National Park staff presented a $2,500 donation to the Quota Club Estes Park Medical Center (EPMC) Ambulance Fund in recognition of ongoing services provided by Dr. Scott Chew. Dr. Chew, who is an emergency room physician with the Estes Park Medical Center, has been the park’s Physician Advisor for twelve years. Dr. Chew provides program oversight for basic and Advanced Life Sup ...

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RMNP Announces Winter Pile Burning Operations In Park

Fire managers from Rocky Mountain National Park plan to take advantage of any upcoming winter weather conditions to burn piles of slash from several forest thinning and hazard tree mitigation projects. Exclusion of fire for the past century has resulted in unnatural forest conditions in some areas, with significant accumulations of forest fuels and an increased risk of a wildfire. In addition, park crews ha ...

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Woodcarving Program At RMNP

2009 Lyceum Series - Celebrate our Natural World: Artists Who Are Inspired by the Environment Saturday, March 14, 7:00 p.m. - Motivations of a Wood Carver. Art can be a deeply personal form of expression. Hear from Loveland woodcarver Paul Price about where he finds inspiration for his popular caricatures, critters, and hiking sticks. A little basswood or butternut, a good carving knife, and an eye for deta ...

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Lyceum Programs At RMNP

2009 Lyceum Series - Celebrate our Natural World: Artists Who Are Inspired by the Environment Saturday, March 7, 7:00 p.m.-Small Mountain Owls-Ornithologist and artist, Scott Rashid is inspired by the small owls that inhabit Rocky Mountain National Park; the Northern Pygmy-Owl, the Flammulated Owl, the Northern Saw-whet Owl and the Boreal Owl.  Scott will present a brief description of the bird’s natural hi ...

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Update On Culling Operations At Rocky Mountain National Park

Culling operations have concluded at Rocky Mountain National Park for this winter. Forecasts of the number of female elk to be culled last September suggested that up to 100 animals may be taken to keep the population within historic numbers. Recent modeling of historic data as well as two surveys completed by the park within the last few weeks suggests that 30 to 40 female elk should be culled, and that th ...

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Changes At Glacier Basin Campground

Extensive beetle mitigation work continues at a variety of locations in Rocky Mountain National Park, including Glacier Basin Campground, on the east side of the park.  Many trees in the Glacier Basin Campground have been killed by the mountain pine beetle epidemic.  However, some pockets of trees have been saved by annual spraying.  Removal of dead trees and standing lone trees reduce the risk associated w ...

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