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Rescue Incident at Rocky Mountain National Park

Information Courtesy Rocky Mountain National Park At 1:00 p.m. Wednesday afternoon park rangers were notified by cell phone that a 55-year old male from Chicago, Illinois, took a significant tumbling/sliding fall reported to be approximately 900 feet while backcountry skiing near the east face of Flattop Mountain on “The Drift.” He was skiing with two others. Rangers left the Bear Lake Trailhead at approxim ...

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Rocky Mountain National Park Announces Winter Pile Burning Operations

Fire managers at Rocky Mountain National Park plan to take advantage of winter weather conditions to burn piles of slash from several forest thinning and hazard tree mitigation projects. Exclusion of fire for the past century has resulted in unnatural forest conditions in some areas, with significant accumulations of forest fuels and an increased risk of wildfire. Thinning is done to help alleviate these ri ...

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Explore Rocky Mountain National Park During The Winter

For many visitors, winter is their favorite season to enjoy RockyMountain National Park. The park is less visited but still very much open and alive with activity. Beautiful backcountry areas can be reached on snowshoes, skis, and at lower elevations - even with hiking boots! Elk, coyotes, deer, snowshoe hares, and other wildlife remain active through the winter. Their story is told by the tracks left in th ...

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A White Christmas For Rocky!

Snow accumulations are varying greatly depending on the elevations in Rocky Mountain National Park. On the west side of the park there is roughly 6 inches of new snow today at the Kawuneeche Visitor Center, with snow still falling. Sunday there was 7.4 inches of new snow and Saturday saw 6 inches of new snow. Kawuneeche Visitor Center is located at 8,720 feet near Grand Lake. On the east side of the park th ...

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Body Recovery Of Climber In RMNP

At 2:30 p.m. Saturday, November 20, visitors notified Rocky Mountain National Park dispatch via cell phone of a climbing related fatality. The incident occurred on the “All Mixed Up” ice climbing route above Mills Lake on Thatchtop Mountain. The victim was part of a two-person climbing party and his partner was uninjured. Thatchtop Mountain is located between the Loch Vale and Glacier Gorge drainages. Due t ...

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Hazard Tree Mitigation Work Continues In Rocky Mountain National Park

Park staff will be removing hazard trees beginning today on Trail Ridge Road above Many Parks Curve as part of ongoing beetle mitigation work. The road is closed for the season on the east side of Rocky Mountain National Park at Many Parks Curve and the road has converted to trail status. Temporary work stoppages can occur, on occasion, to allow hikers through. Mitigation work may also occur on Trail Ridge ...

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Ground And Air Operations Wrap Up On The Cow Creek Fire In RMNP

Last week, crew members hiked out of the Cow Creek Fire area in the West Creek drainage of Rocky Mountain National Park. The fire is secure and any smoke that remains is from that area. Park staff are not planning any additional burnout operations so the smoke should be minimal. The helicopter that has been staged for a month at the junction of Dry Gulch Road and Lory Lane was released last Friday. The fire ...

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Fatality On Taylor Glacier In RMNP

At approximately 11:30 a.m. Saturday, October 16, two climbers reported that a third man who was climbing with them fell on Taylor Glacier in Rocky Mountain National Park. Park rangers reached the man’s body at 4:45 p.m. The 54-year-old Colorado man took an approximate 350 foot tumbling fall. The man who fell had the group’s rope, leaving the other two climbers stranded near the top of Taylor Glacier just b ...

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