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Fern Lake Fire Update

As expected with current dry conditions, the Fern Lake Fire in Rocky Mountain National Park continues to smolder in a remote area of the park. A few smokes showed on the east side of the fire yesterday and there was drift smoke in Forest Canyon seen from The Pool. Due to calmer winds yesterday, a crew of eight fire fighters mopped up some smoldering duff on the eastern edge of the fire. With continued dryin ...

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Fern Lake Fire Investigators Look For Help From Community

Fire investigators looking into the cause of the Fern Lake Fire are asking for help from the community. Investigators believe those who visited the park on October 9 may have information that can help determine both how and where the fire started. If you were in the vicinity of the Cub Lake Trail and/or the Fern Lake Trail any time before 2 p.m. on Tuesday, October 9 you may have pertinent information. If y ...

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Hazard Tree Removal To Take Place On Bear Lake Trail In RMNP

Beginning on Tuesday, October 9, park staff began conducting hazard tree mitigation by removing select hazard trees along the Bear Lake Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park. Weather permitting, this work should continue through October 18. The work will not take place on Fridays or weekends. Depending on where the work is taking place on the trail, hikers will be allowed to go through some sections but oth ...

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Fern Lake Fire Status

STATUS OF FERN LAKE FIRE - View a map of the fire area. (Map provided by Rocky Mountain National Park) Fern Lake Fire Update Fern Lake Fire Receives Additional Snow The Fern Lake Fire received an additional 1 to 2 inches of new snow overnight. The fire is still smoldering and creeping in areas protected from the weather, such as under tree canopies and near large rocks. Yesterday afternoon firefighters note ...

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Fatality On Deer Mountain In Rocky Mountain National Park

At 5:50 p.m. Saturday, September 29, Rocky Mountain National Park’s dispatch center received a cell phone call that a 50-year-old female had taken a reported 40 to 50 foot fall on the north side of Deer Mountain. She had been hiking in the area with a family member. Park rangers reached her body at 8:10 p.m. Her body was approximately three miles from the Deer Mountain Trailhead in rocky, steep terrain. Par ...

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Celebrate The Completion Of The Alberta-Haiyaha Trail Project

Free guided hike on Public Lands Day, Saturday, September 29 The Rocky Mountain Nature Association (RMNA) and Rocky Mountain National Park are pleased to announce the completion of the four-year project to rehabilitate and improve three miles of trails in the popular Alberta Falls and Lake Haiyaha region of the park. Work on a few finishing touches is wrapping up now and a celebratory, free, interpretive hi ...

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Firewood Collection Permits Available By Lottery From Rocky Mountain National Park

Permits are available by lottery to collect firewood generated from hazard tree removals and fuel reduction projects within Rocky Mountain National Park. Collection dates for west side firewood begins Friday, September 21 through October 3. Collection dates for east side firewood will vary based on location but the first collection period begins Monday October 1 and extends through Sunday October 14. Anothe ...

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Work Begins In Early September To Repair Lily Lake Dam In Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park staff recently made the decision to repair the Lily Lake Dam and retain the lake and its features in a manner similar to what currently exists. The repair work will being on Tuesday, September 4, and may last through the end of November. During the repair work a roughly 500 feet of area of the Lily Lake Trail across the dam will be closed. Park visitors will be able to access th ...

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