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An Open Letter To The Park Hospital Disrict Board Of Directors

To the Editor: The residents of Estes Park are now engaged in a vigorous debate over the proposed sale of our Town owned Lot 4 to John Cullen, owner of the Stanley Hotel. With the support, and possible future participation of the Estes Park Medical Center (EPMC), Mr. Cullen has proposed that 50 hotel rooms and a wellness center be built on Lot 4. Under the terms of the contract accepted by our Town Trustees ...

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Urges Support Of 1% Sales Tax Increase

To The Editor: We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. And we have a great Senior Center that compliments our town. The Center provides vital services among which are meals-on-wheels plus weekday lunches at the Center, adult education classes and lectures, adult fitness classes and trips to nearby Colorado sites. Along with this the Center is a warm place to meet, chat, play games, watch t ...

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EPMCF Foundation Board Advocating The Sale Of  Lot 4

A resolution of the Estes Park Medical Center Foundation Board of Directors advocating for the sale of Lot 4, Estes Park, Colorado WHEREAS, the Park Hospital District (operating as Estes Park Medical Center) (the "District") is in the initial planning stages of entering into a joint effort with the Grand Heritage Hotel Group ("GHHG"), owner of the Stanley Hotel, to develop and operate a wellness center on a ...

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Sensible Development

To all those interested in the sensible development of the Town of Estes Park, In regard to the Lot 4 situation; we strongly support the sale and development of the property. There are many reasons for either side of the question that have been addressed over and over again on every level of disagreement in the press and conversations throughout the town. The principal of whether to develop or not should, s ...

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The Wonderland World Of Lot 4

To The Editor: “Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English.)” Where the Friends of Lot 4 are concerned, we too seem to be living in Alice’s topsy-turvey world. Having milked about all they can from rhapsodizing about the “magnificent views” and quintessential conservation values attached to a vacant lot adjacent to the Saf ...

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Are Friends Of Lot 4 Really Friends Of Open Space?

To The Editor: Please consider why I believe the Friends of Lot 4 Conservation Easement initiative works against our chances to set aside quality Open Space in Estes Park. Our town already paid $1.1 million to purchase Lot 4, which is zoned for commercial use. When developed, at least 30% must already be dedicated to open space and the citizens must already vote to approve any sale. The Assoc. for Responsib ...

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Urges Support Of Tax Increase

To The Editor: The voters should support the l% sales tax in order to make overall tax support fairer and more equitable. Summer and year-round visitors do not pay their fair share in support of road maintenance, multi-use trails, senior center services and emergency management and communications. This tax will contribute toward correcting these deficiencies and should be supported by all voters, particular ...

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Think Before You Vote

To The Editor: Most of the smaller towns in the country depend on their community building to keep their people together and give them a place to meet for the many different programs they participate in. In Estes Park, we are missing this asset. There is no other town that is as devoted to the Arts as this one. There is a dearth of room space for their efforts, from small rooms for practicing and meetings t ...

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