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Responsible Development For EPMC/Anschutz

To The Editor: If ever there was a case of “not in my backyard,” the Friends of Lot 4, circulators of the petition to place Lot 4 in a permanent conservation easement, live on Prospector Lane and Findley Court in close proximity to Lot 4. I’m afraid that the circulators of the petition acted on selfish personal concerns, instead of what serves the best interests of the entire community. Also clearly apparen ...

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Too Much “Groupthink?”

To The Editor: This is a very confusing and difficult time in our town. We find ourselves caught between John Cullen and his dream project for "Lot 4" and normal citizens wishing to protect said property from being filled with a large complex of buildings. The confusion we are finding is associated with the established or newly created "organizations" that could be called the "alphabet" group. We have the E ...

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The Time Has Come!

To The Editor: The time has come for us to send a message to our elected officials asking them to fundamentally change the way in which our government delivers its services. Those in support of raising the sales tax rate in Estes Park have resorted to the tired, old technique of tax and spend. They want you to believe that by standing together in support of a 25% tax increase, we will have a stronger tomorr ...

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The Future Of Fire District Funding

To The Editor: Four years ago the citizens of the Estes Valley voted to create the Estes Valley Fire Protection District to fund and manage our Volunteer Fire Department. Prior to that, the Fire Department was funded and Managed by the Town of Estes Park. The voters approval of an independent Fire District was based on a funding formula that has approximately half of the funding coming from a Property Tax, ...

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Follow-Up Letter To The Editor Titled “The Wonderland World Of Lot 4”

Follow-up to the Letter to the Editor titled: “The Wonderland World of Lot 4” In the letter posted in the paper a few additions prior to this titled ‘The Wonderland World of Lot 4’, I made the following statement: “Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English.)” ] Where the Friends of Lot 4 are concerned, we too seem to be l ...

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Convince Me!

To The Editor: Estes Park Medical Center representatives have discussed plans for the proposed Anschutz Wellness Center in Estes Park. I attended a few of these presentations. There are many questions still to be answered. I could not find a business plan or feasibility study on the Estes Park Medical Center or Park Hospital Foundation website. These documents should be placed at the Estes Valley Library so ...

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An Open Letter To The Park Hospital Disrict Board Of Directors

To the Editor: The residents of Estes Park are now engaged in a vigorous debate over the proposed sale of our Town owned Lot 4 to John Cullen, owner of the Stanley Hotel. With the support, and possible future participation of the Estes Park Medical Center (EPMC), Mr. Cullen has proposed that 50 hotel rooms and a wellness center be built on Lot 4. Under the terms of the contract accepted by our Town Trustees ...

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Urges Support Of 1% Sales Tax Increase

To The Editor: We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. And we have a great Senior Center that compliments our town. The Center provides vital services among which are meals-on-wheels plus weekday lunches at the Center, adult education classes and lectures, adult fitness classes and trips to nearby Colorado sites. Along with this the Center is a warm place to meet, chat, play games, watch t ...

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