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Supports Yes For Sale Of Lot 4 Vote No For Open Space

To The Editor I write this letter as an Estes Park home owner and business owner. I moved here in 2006 to purchase The Spruce House on West Elkhorn Avenue. In 2010, when the national economic downturn dramatically impacted tourism traffic and sales, I was faced with a choice. I could either reduce expenses or try to increase revenue. An optimist who then as now believes in the future of my adopted town, I c ...

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The Role Of The Association For Responsible Development

To the Editor: In a recent letter to the editor, an erroneous opinion was expressed that the Association for Responsible Development (“ARD”) is one and the same as the Friends of Lot 4. While one of the stated ideals of ARD is aesthetics and natural beauty of the community, it also promotes cultural integrity and historical preservation. “Responsible Development” is part of its name, and the association pro ...

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Vote For The Future Of Estes Park

To The Editor: In the last five years, we’ve experienced the Great Recession, a fire that destroyed more than 30 properties on High Drive and a 1,000 year flood. These events produced a brutally negative, accumulative impact on our community. I own a small business; I have seen what the combination of a bad economy and a devastating natural disaster has done to my business, my friends and my clients. Countl ...

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Moving Forward Is Good For Estes Park

To The Editor: As the April 1st election approaches, our snail-mailboxes fill with literature from groups promoting various positions. I’m always eager to see if factual arguments are presented. Today’s batch included a card from the “Donations welcome: Friends of Lot 4” which gives three reasons for residents to vote “no” on the sale of Lot 4. The reasons are not valid. First, the “Friends” tell us “we nee ...

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Please Support The Wellness Center

To the Editor, As citizens of Estes Park, we can’t close the door to all new development, otherwise our Town will decay. Not all new development is bad. The sale of lot 4 and the creation of the EPMC/Anschutz Wellness center as proposed is good development and will help Estes Park move forward in a positive way. It’s a good idea to sell lot 4. It will help our Town. After voter approval of the sale of lot 4 ...

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The Conservation Of Lot 4

It may seem strange that the one organization in Estes Park who conserves and protects open space, the Estes Valley Land Trust (EVLT), has not been very vocal in the debate about conserving Lot 4. However, they did release a statement to the local papers and on Facebook on Feb. 20. That statement is nearly neutral in nature and may raise more concerns than it answers. Estes Park residents will vote specific ...

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Voting Yes On Lot 4

To The Editor, I normally do not take very long to make a decision; the wellness center is very important to Estes Park. I spent considerable effort in research prior to making a yes or no vote. Estes Park has had no influx of business in the past 17 years! We have had devastating floods and we were cut off from the valley, but took care of ourselves. Good news... we are on the way back. With the EPMC/Ansch ...

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Voting Yes To Approve Sales Tax Increase

To The Editor: Please vote Yes on April 1 to approve the town's proposed one percent sales tax increase. No one likes tax increases, but we have many reasons to approve this one, and these are but a few: Our infrastructure needs repair and delaying maintenance will cost more $ in the long run. Our town leadership did their homework. The community visioning process was one of the most comprehensive I've seen ...

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