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To The Editor: While the voters will decide whether or not to accept the sale of Lot 4 for the proposed Anschutz-EPMC-Stanley Wellness Center, voters need to keep in mind the source of the economic numbers that have bedazzled residents. The Economic Development Corporation is a “pay to play” group funded by some local business interests, including the Stanley Hotel. We have heard mostly from two advocates f ...

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What Does Wellness Have To Do With The Future Of Estes Park?

To The Editor: There has been a lot of talk lately in the community about Wellness. This is an important time in the history of our town and Wellness is right at the center. What is Wellness anyway? What does Wellness have to do with the future of Estes Park? The World Health Organization defines Wellness as: “...a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of dise ...

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In Favor Of Tax Increase

To The Editor: As a 35-yr. resident, who fought several years ago to retain the successful 25-yr. EPURA program—which would, of course, be extremely valuable to our community at this time, I am now supporting the 1% sales tax increase as a viable alternative and am encouraging all voters to do likewise. We need the money from this increase to not only retain our quality of life in Estes Park but also to eff ...

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Thoughts On Lot 4 And The Wellness Center

To The Editor: As a long-time resident of Estes Park and a Realtor for nearly thirty years, I found the letter released last week by the Estes Valley Land Trust Board of Directors to be very disturbing in view of the dishonest effort made by the “Friends of Lot 4” to create a permanent conservation easement on Lot 4. The EVLT holds the conservation easement for three properties in front of The Stanley Hotel ...

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Caution Request

To the Editor: I totally agree with Dr.Revely in the need for caution for the wellness center project and for a major market research study. Where has this concept proven successful in a venue similar to Estes Park? We are a family destination resort town, not a playground for the rich and famous like Vail or Aspen. Our shops and restaurants are moderate, not high end. Because something is a good idea does ...

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Lot 4 Sale-Just Not The Right Thing

To The Editor: The Stanley Historic District was created to publically identify the Stanley Hotel and its environs as a significant area in Estes Park, worthy of protection from indiscriminant usage, in order to preserve the area's historic, natural setting. These attributes -- history and natural setting, help define the Town's character and are considered valuable Community assets. Therefore, as part of t ...

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AWC Support Letter

Dear Editor: The verbal combat that has ensued between those who favor the sale of Lot 4 for the use of a business-saving, substantial economic stimulus for all the non-retired among us, and the hastily concocted group known by the unimaginative name “Friends of Lot 4” who oppose the sale of Lot 4 is distressing to those of us more able to achieve balance in our thinking. It is distressing because the "Frie ...

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Vote For Estes Park’s Future

To the Residents of Estes Park, The Lessons of History: History has its relevancy. And in terms of history, the Town of Estes Park has been fortunate indeed. In the beginning there was F.O. Stanley. He gave the Town its original infrastructure (electricity, water, sanitation, bank, golf course, and recreation grounds). All at no cost. Mr. Stanley was so efficient, in fact, that the Town of Estes Park was ab ...

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