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To The Editor: Just as we were looking forward to the Christmas season and a hopeful return to some normalcy after the flood, we received a pamphlet from the town of Estes Park requesting a sales tax increase. The timing of this request seemed to show a disconnect between those that work to raise taxes and those who are hired to spend taxes. The pamphlet compared the Estes Park tax rates with Steamboat Spri ...

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Voting Yes To Approve Sales Tax Increase

To The Editor: Please vote Yes on April 1 to approve the town's proposed one percent sales tax increase. No one likes tax increases, but we have many reasons to approve this one, and these are but a few: Our infrastructure needs repair and delaying maintenance will cost more $ in the long run. Our town leadership did their homework. The community visioning process was one of the most comprehensive I've seen ...

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Supporting The Sales Tax Increase

To The Editor: I support the proposed 1% sales tax increase. Like everyone, I don't like increasing taxes, but this is one time that we need to look at the bottom line for what it will produce. There are 4 basic areas that will benefit from an increase. 1. Fund expanded road maintenance, which was needed even before the floods, but even more so now. We know that the monies previously budgeted for our Town w ...

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Business Wellness

To the Editor: As a sign maker, I have a unique relationship with other businesses in town because they are my customers. I use my talents and knowledge to help those businesses be more successful. In order to do my part well, I get to know each business and their approach to market. After 59 years of designing and making signs, 45 serving Estes Park, I have seen a lot of changes. We are on the brink of an ...

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Convince Me!

To The Editor: Estes Park Medical Center representatives have discussed plans for the proposed Anschutz Wellness Center in Estes Park. I attended a few of these presentations. There are many questions still to be answered. I could not find a business plan or feasibility study on the Estes Park Medical Center or Park Hospital Foundation website. These documents should be placed at the Estes Valley Library so ...

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Other People’s Money

To The Editor: “It is largely other people’s money”, is proudly touted by the proponents of the 1% sales tax increase, alluding to the fact that our “dear” visitors will pay another $1,320.00 each year to our upkeep. “All of the elected-officials and almost all of the candidates in the upcoming election are for this tax increase,” they further state. Should we assume that THEY, therefore, know best and that ...

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More Thoughts About The Wellness Center

To The Editor: With all the hoopla about Lot 4 and The Anschutz Wellness Center, could the current hospital be transformed into a Wellness Center, since both Brian Helwig and Frank Dumont are so adamant about building the monument to John Cullens ego. According to Dumont and Helwig, the future of medicine is Wellness, so why not turn our hospital into that Wellness Center? The property and infrastructure ar ...

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Your Decision Will Change Views In Estes Park Forever

To The Editor: Selling Lot 4 to Grand Heritage Hotel group will result in the loss of the iconic view of the Stanley Hotel known around the world. There is no way massive white buildings with red roofs towering 30 feet over Safeway, will not dominate the landscape. Proponents for the sale, state that views in town will not be impacted. They then state that the Estes Park planning staff reviewed the plans, a ...

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