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Opposed To Proposal Of Guns In The Park

Dear Editor: I am writing in opposition to the recent proposal by the Department of the Interior to allow loaded guns to be carried by visitors to our national parks. The Department states that their agency rules should be compatible with state laws in respect to rules about firearms. Forty-eight states reportedly allow citizens to carry concealed firearms, and in many states the authority to carry loaded a ...

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Expressing Questions And Concerns About West Elkhorn Development

To the Editor: We as residents of Estes Park, the Elkhorn Club Estates, citizens and taxpayers, wish to express our questions, concerns and recommendations to the Planning Commissioners and Trustees on the Proposed West Elkhorn Development. This, according to the city Planning Office, is the single largest development the town of Estes Park has ever reviewed. Therefore, the following significant issues shou ...

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Some Thoughts On Caring For Your Employees

Dear Editor: Our busy season is fast approaching and most of you who are Estes Park business owners are evaluating your employee situations. If you are in touch with your employee's needs, you know that they cannot begin to live in Estes on the salary you pay them. Most employees, if lucky, make seven-10 dollars an hour. If given full time work, which is seldom, that means a take home of $780-$1120 a month. ...

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Duck Security Thank You!

Dear Editor, The 20th anniversary Duck Race was a huge success! The security patrol group wishes to thank the following Town employees for their assistance in setting up the patrol carts: Dave Mahany Russ Franklin Debbie Parrack The young women who installed  the cart flags and banners. We would also like to give special thanks to the Estes Park Fire Department Dive Team. It certainly was appreciated. Since ...

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Wapiti Crossing Condominiums Development

Dear Editor, Last year this development was denied due to the “significant impact” to wildlife using Lot 22, and the matter has now been remanded back to the Town Planning Commissioners to evaluate the Wildlife Conservation Plan, and Development Plan, submitted by the developer at the request of the Town Board of Trustees. That this may be the first time such a Wildlife Conservation Plan has been submitted ...

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Estes Park Voters For Wildlife

-Estes Park News, Estes Park, Colorado- The group, Estes Park Voters for Wildlife encourage you to attend the Planning Commission meeting at 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, May 20 at the Town Hall. This may be a long meeting, as the Elkhorn Development and the Lot 22 Condo development on Highway 7 are scheduled to be discussed and possibly, decided. The group needs your hep and support for our wildlife conservation and ...

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Pens For Peace

To The Editor: My son, First Lieutenant Matthew Zeller, is serving with the Army 1st Infantry Division in Afghanistan. He has been sending extensive emails about his experiences there. Would you help me in this quest which I have dubbed "Pens for Peace?"  Thank you from a proud (but worried) mother. Elizabeth Blades Skinner, Allenspark, Colorado From Elizabeth’s son Matt: I'm fine, healthy, extremely satisf ...

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Class Of 2009 Extends Thanks For Prom

Dear Editor, The Estes Park High School Prom is always an exhilarating time for our school district and community. Fortunately, we have an amazing group of students and adults that work hard each year to make this event possible. The Class of 2009 would like to say thank you to the many people in our community that helped with Prom. The Stanley Hotel graciously provided their MacGregor Ballroom as our locat ...

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