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Regarding The Price Of Gas

To The Editor: Shoot – ‘spposin the price of gas isn’t high enough yet?! Walk through any of our parking lots, Safeway, Upper Stanley Village, the Post Office, the schools’ lots, and see the number of unoccupied cars, trucks, and SUVs with engines idling. Even idling are many vehicles that are occupied while waiting for someone to return – foolishly and selfish behaviors, I’d say. Ah, is it possible these e ...

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Fishing Derby Thank You

A hearty “Thank You” to the following people for making the 22nd annual Lake Estes Fishing Derby a success! Trout Unlimited/Alpine Angler, Rapid Transit, Rodeway Inn, American Grille, Pura Vida, Bighorn Restaurant, Casa Grande, Dairy Queen, Dominos Pizza, Fun City, Local’s Grill, Lake Estes 9-Hole, Mountaineer, The Otherside, Poppy’s, Real West Photos, Ride-A-Kart, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Smokin’ ...

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A Heartfelt Thank You From Sgt. Slaydon

We offer our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to Rick & Sandra Slaydon, Linda Snyder and Snyder’s Jewelers, St. Bartholomew’s Church in Estes Park, American Legion Post 32, The Rocky Mountain Scottish Terrier Club, American Military Family, Inc., the merchants of Longmont and Estes Park, and everyone that supported and participated in the April 26, 2008, benefit, as well as everyone that kept us both in t ...

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EVRPD Thanks For River Clean Up Help

To The Editor: The 2008 Annual River Cleanup was a BIG success. The event is part of a national campaign to clean debris near rivers, lakes, and streams. The local sponsors are the Town of Estes Park and Estes Valley Recreation and Park District. Approximately 150 volunteers met at Lake Estes Marina at 9:00 a.m. on May 17 and were sent out to pick up trash at Mary’s Lake, Lake Estes, Fish Creek, Black Canyo ...

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An Opinion About The Proposed Fire District

To The Editor, The time has come to write a letter to the editor about the proposed Fire District. I feel the time is right for the Town of Estes Park to let go of the Estes Park Volunteer Fire Department and it become it's own district with no influence from the town. The new district needs to be operated much the same as any other district in the Estes Valley, hospital, school, recreation, and so on. Set ...

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Thank You For Parade Of Years Support

To The Editor: Your continued support of our annual Parade of the Years event is a major part of the success of our celebration. It was a beautiful day and many Estes Park citizens came out to enjoy our cars. This year, the extra added attraction was to have a talk by Jim Pickering, Estes Park Historian Laureate for everyone at the show. Your announcements of the event were most successful in alerting the c ...

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A Big Thank You To Quota Club Of Estes Park

What a difference an organization can make! Thanks to the generous donation by the Quota Club of Estes Park, our school district has been able to purchase additional sound field amplification equipment for our classrooms. These systems help each student hear their teacher’s voice clearly in all areas of the classroom and provide better student comprehension, attention and higher level gains in literacy. In ...

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Thanks To Town Officials For Supporting EPURA

To The Editor: Three cheers to the Town Board of Estes Park for their smart and forward looking vote to approve the Estes Park Urban Renewal Authority (EPURA) for the next 25 years. This positive move will help Estes Park remain competitive with other resort communities as we proceed into the future. It will help our Town keep pace with other resort communities regarding much needed “community improvement” ...

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