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“Give Diplomacy A Chance?”

To The Editor: Last Thursday’s headline was, "All options open in dealing with Iran, Bush says.” Doesn't that make you a bit nervous? Though his host, Angela Merkel, explicitly stated that "I pin my hopes on diplomatic efforts," George Bush indicated he was "willing to give diplomacy a chance to work" [remember when we heard that before?] but that "all options are on the table.” From Inauguration Day, Bush ...

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A View Regarding Town Revenue Vs. Families & Children

Dear Editor: After attending the Town Board meeting on June 10th I feel the need to alert the families and other concerned residents of the Estes Valley about the outrageous decision the Town Trustees made regarding the proposed Sapling Green development. Please check out the Town’s website for the details ( pertaining to this project. In short, the Estes Valley Planning ...

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Thanks To Trustees Eisenlauer & Miller

To The Editor: I would like to extend a thank you to town trustees Dorla Eisenlauer and Jerry Miller for voting in favor of the Sapling Green Project that was presented to town board last week. This project would have provided many of our young families’ affordable housing, an affordable preschool and an alternative school option, all of which are needed in this community. The variance gap between what the ...

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Regarding Sapling Green Decision

To The Editor: I would like to comment on last Tuesday’s town board meeting. During this board meeting a new development was discussed, Sapling Green. This development would encompass two very important needs in our community, affordable housing and a home for an established preschool and primary school, Life Long Learning of Estes Valley. This proposal was turned down, because a change in zoning was needed ...

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Kudos To Estes Park Police Department

To The Editor: A job well done by the Estes Park Police and Larimer County Sheriffs Department. As victims of the robberies perpetrated by three 15 years old boys and one 19 year old, we would like to extend our appreciation to the men and women of both law enforcement departments for their hard work in solving this case in a professional and timely manor. They deserve the highest of praise from not just us ...

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Disappointed In Town Vote

To The Editor: Last Tuesday night, a very important vote went before the Town Board; A vote that would have drastically improved the lives of young preschoolers and mid-income families in the town of Estes Park. Unfortunately, this vote did not pass. It was proposed to have a preschool and nine attainable condo units (some which would have been deed-restricted) built on an empty lot near Lake Estes. While w ...

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Fit Family 5 Race A Success!

To the Editor: The 1st Annual Fit Family 5 Mile was held on Saturday, May 31st. The event was a great success thanks to many groups and community members who came together to help create and support a new and fun Estes Park community event geared towards families and fitness. The event included a five mile run/walk and a kid’s activities component which included hurtles, a sprout sprint, long jump, obstacle ...

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A Special Thank You For New Plaque

I wish to thank Estes Park and the American Legion, for giving me a new plaque for my father’s grave. Bill King from Brodie’s placed the original plaque on my father’s grave. My fathers name was Edw. J. Wegner, Army Vet and 10th Mountain Division, at Camp Hale. Sincerely, Pat Lange Estes Park, Colorado ...

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