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Soldier Thanks The Homeiers

To The Editor: As a member of the United States Armed services, we deal with a lot of difficult situations. We sometimes do not get recognized for our sacrifices. I have just found that there are people in Estes Park who are appreciative of our efforts. I would like to recognize Richard and Cathy Homeier of Optical Perspectives in Upper Stanley Village for their compassion and kindness. At the end of Augus ...

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A Heartfelt Thank You For Help

To The Editor: My daughter Kolbi and I would like to express our deepest, most heartfelt thanks to the emergency medical personnel, the fire department, the police department and everyone else who helped rescue Kolbi from her rollover accident on Fish Creek, Tuesday, June 24. Without all your help, her fate might have been much worse. And, a very special thanks to Dan Ludlam and Craig Lambert, the two angel ...

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Thanks To All For Very Successful & Educational Historic Tour

To The Editor: Saturday, June 28, in South Tahosa Valley the Estes Park Museum Friends and Foundation, Inc. conducted its fifth annual Tour of Historic sites. The Tour is a major fund raiser for the Museum and this year seven private sites were selected. This Tour was the most ambitious yet and the most successful having sold out for the first time with 300 tickets. The sites were built in the early twentie ...

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A Thank You From Landon’s Family

To the town of Estes Park, I want to thank everyone for their donations. It means more to us than words could possibly say. No one ever imagines themselves to be in a position to take care of a child as special as Landon. He has taught our family and everyone around us about unconditional love. He means so much to so many people and it means the world to me that everyone has participated in raising awarenes ...

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Plaid Raises Roof And Funds For Performing Arts Center

To The Editor: Those who attended Sunday’s benefit concert for Supporters of the Performing Arts (SOPA) were treated to the wonderful and vibrant talent of five (barbershop quartet plus the accomplished pianist) young and energetic cast of Forever Plaid. Mickey Burdick and his crew, The Rocky Mountain Players, dedicated 100% of the proceeds to the construction fund for the new performing arts center. The ev ...

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Regarding Elkhorn Lodge Development And Proposed Bypass

Dear Editor: The Estes Valley Planning Commission should be commended for all their hard work on the Elk Horn Lodge development proposal. The development plan had many good elements, but the plan’s flaws resulted from the Town’s desire for a “western by-pass.” The term “by-pass” is inaccurate, since this is not an easy route, and is at most a connection. According to attendees, Planning Commission member We ...

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Library Foundation Board Extends Sympathy To Snowden Family

To The Editor: The Directors of the Estes Park Public Library Foundation Board want to express our sorrow at the passing of our colleague Dick Snowden and share our appreciation for his service to the Foundation and the Library. Dick was a two-term member of the Foundation Board and served in several roles, currently as vice-president. The Board shared quiet remembrances of Dick at our last meeting. He was ...

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Please Help Keep Roadways Clean!

To the residents and visitors of the Estes Valley: During a recent effort to “clean up the roadways” and restore the pristine beauty of our area, my neighbor and I have come to realize the daunting nature of this task.  There are obviously those who “discard” along the roads, and those who “pick up.”  Right now it looks like the former are exceeding the latter! We need your help. No meetings, no organizatio ...

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