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A Yes Vote For EVRPD Ballot Issues

Dear Fellow Citizens of Estes Valley: Sometimes coincidences jolt me and cause me to ponder them. The events surrounding visits with our guests to Estes this summer went beyond that. They prompted me to action. This recent series of coincidences started by a comment made by a guest while we were having breakfast. They were speaking about their visit to another Colorado mountain community and one of the most ...

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Not Supporting Rec District Vote

To The Editor: It’s the run-up to the November election and Estes Valley Recreation and Park District has just announced two ballot proposals that if passed will increase your EVRPD taxes by 393%. No, that isn’t a mistake. Proposed is an increase in the current mil levy from 1.4 to 5.5 mils, an increase of 393%. Referred Issue 4C asks for an increase of 1.2 mils which will generate $473,000 in tax revenues ...

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Fishing Hooks Pose Dangers

To The Editor: Thank you for printing the article on the dangers of fishing hooks to our waterfowl. I would also like to remind folks that these hooks are not only a danger to birds, but to all animals. Two years ago while we were walking the Lake Estes Trail, a triple pronged fishing hook became embedded in my dog Leda’s paw. Thanks to our wonderful fire department and Dr. Fish, Leda was okay. But this inc ...

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Thank You From Rodriguez-Serrano Family

To The Editor: The Rodriguez-Serrano family would like to give thanks to everyone for their support and prayers. On behalf of their sister, widow of Gerardo Rodriguez they wold like to especially thank the friends who stayed by their side in this difficult time of such loss. Again, our sincerest gratitude to all. ...

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Urges All To Vote For The EVRPD Bond And Mill Levy

To The Editor: We are writing to urge everyone to vote for the EVRPD bond and mill levy increase so that they can build a much needed community center and bring their other facilities and equipment up to date. How many businesses or government entities could continue to be run on a twenty year old budget? The Rec District’s mill levy has remained constant for over twenty years and they are presently operati ...

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Becky Ramey Extends Heartfelt Thank You

Dear Editor, I would like to take this opportunity to thank your newspaper and KEPL radio for all of the support you have given me and the “Friends of Becky Ramey” during my recent bout with Lymphoma. Now for an update on my current situation. On August 15, Dr. J. Mark Barnett declared me to be in remission following six chemotherapy treatments. He strongly recommended that I see a Radiology Oncologist for ...

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Top Ten Reasons

Dear Editor: Top 10 Reasons to vote for the Community Center 10. It gets you out of the &%$*% *! wind 9. Meeting places for all local organizations 8. Much needed day care space 7. A place for seniors, toddlers, and everyone in between 6. Improves overall community health 5. A warm water pool 4. Provides a safe place for teens 3. Less trips to the valley; keeps the money local 2. Tax increase of only $9 ...

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Yes For The Recreation District Bond And Mill Levy

I’ve been reading lately about good governance –- how a non-profit board measures its own success. I have served on several boards and it seems plain that good governance is about asking the right questions of your constituents, then delivering the goods (preferably with some oomph) on time, on task and on budget. This year the Recreation District has ballot issues that address the right questions: upkeep o ...

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