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Community Center Would Be A Great Asset To Our Town

To The Editor: There are many aspects of the proposed EVRPD’s community center that led the Board of Education to agree to lease school district property to the Estes Valley Parks and Recreation District in the event of a successful election in November. From an education perspective, having a year-round recreational facility next to our schools for after-school programming would fill a gap in services for ...

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Member Of Life Chain Urges Support

To The Editor: Nero allegedly fiddled while Rome burned, and the greatest power in the world at that time crumbled to corruption and debauchery within. Our great country is tottering on the brink of a similar collapse as greed and irresponsibility have fiddled away the solid foundations upon which we were founded, and which enabled us to become the most powerful nation on earth. We have been consumed by ple ...

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Be Committed To Estes Park-Vote For The New Community Center

Dear Editor, Boulder, Longmont, Fort Collins, Loveland, Denver… they sound appealing sometimes, right? Better weather, more young families, more young professionals, kids to play with your kids, active people in their 20s and 30s, indoor recreational opportunities, and abundant community services and programs. Living in Estes Park for the past eight years, I’ve lost five close friends for these reasons. The ...

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Proposed Community Center Makes Good Business Sense

To The Editor: I have been a small business owner in Estes Park for three years. I love Estes Park and can’t imagine a better place to live. As a small business owner, I am acutely aware of our dependence on tourism for survival. Tourism is a competitive business. There are many other mountain communities competing for the same tourist dollars we are. For this reason, I am in full support of the proposed co ...

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Vote For The Community Center

To The Editor: Our nation’s economic challenge has attracted the attention of nearly everyone and caused us to consider altering our lifestyles. For that reason, even our own community has experienced a drop in tourism. Have you changed your vacation destination plans? What will your family do in your spare time for relaxation, recreation, socializing, and yes, even education? An improved Community Center f ...

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We Need A Community Center For Those Windy Days

Dear Editor: With the official start of fall this past week, those windy winter days are coming closer and closer. As they approach, I have been mentally preparing a list of available local indoor activities for me and my family.  My list is fairly short, so I am writing to voice my support of the proposed community center. With the incredible opportunities that such a center could provide, we could all loo ...

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Senior Center Thanks Volunteers And Community

To The Editor: As a fund raising project for the Senior Citizen Center of Estes Park, a breakfast buffet, for the entire community, was served on a Saturday in June, July, August and September. This year, 30 to 35 volunteers from the Senior Center pitched in and worked at each of the four breakfasts. They contributed a total of 600 hours while serving 1,158 breakfasts. The success of these breakfasts goes o ...

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Urges A “Yes” Vote For EVRPD

To the Editor: By supporting the mill levy raise for the Estes Park Recreation & Park District (EVRPD), 4C on the ballot, the community is supporting public use of the School District's pool. There are some who want to defeat this raise in mill levy because it will raise their taxes. Yes, it will. However, the public has not voted to approve a Rec District mill levy raise in over 25 years. The Rec Distr ...

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