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Recreational Opportunities Needed In Estes Park

To The Editor: We are very excited about the proposed Community Center here in Estes Park. We have small children and we are excited about the recreational opportunities during the winter months for all ages, as well as the improved childcare options for the Estes Valley. A new Community Center will greatly enhance the quality of life for the whole community by providing a central gathering place, increase ...

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Community Center Will Instill Pride

I have often scratched my head and wondered why my family and I were leaving our paradise in Estes Park and drive to a town in the Valley so we could go to a fun pool for our toddler. I am excited to see the price of a tank of gas to travel out of town, roughly $60, will be spent on our town, on a new community center. I am also excited to see an improved youth center included in the new complex. The curren ...

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Thoughts Regarding The Local Marketing District

To The Editor: As citizens we watch with mixed emotions as the American economy has become a political football and are increasingly frustrated by our limited voice in the process. It is comforting to know that as residents of the Estes Valley we can act locally to insure our community’s economic future through our votes this fall. As voters of the Estes Valley we have the opportunity to vote for the Local ...

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Park School District Celebration Committee Extends Thanks

To the Editor: The Park R-3 School district celebrated its 125th anniversary September 25 and 26.  This celebration was shared with this year’s homecoming and a dedication of the renovated school campus. The committee would like to thank members of the community whose efforts made possible the special events including the publication of EPIC (a collage of past yearbooks), the homecoming parade and tail gate ...

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Library Foundation Members Show Appreciation

To The Editor: We want to express our appreciation to the Estes Park, Glen Haven and Allenspark communities for their support of the 13th Annual Estes Park Library Foundation Benefit Dinner. Margaret Coel, author of the Wind River Reservation series was an enjoyable and informative dinner speaker and local author Sandi Ault was honored for receiving an Edgar Award for her debut novel Wild Inferno. We had a ...

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Community Center Gets A “Yes”

To the Editor: As Grandparents we consider ourselves very fortunate to be part of the Estes Park community. The possibilities and opportunities for our young grandchildren here are tremendous. We believe that year round recreation facilities and programs are an important part of any community but especially for our youth. Indoor recreation facilities for all age groups is one area sorely lacking in Estes Pa ...

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Community Center Would Be A Great Asset To Our Town

To The Editor: There are many aspects of the proposed EVRPD’s community center that led the Board of Education to agree to lease school district property to the Estes Valley Parks and Recreation District in the event of a successful election in November. From an education perspective, having a year-round recreational facility next to our schools for after-school programming would fill a gap in services for ...

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Member Of Life Chain Urges Support

To The Editor: Nero allegedly fiddled while Rome burned, and the greatest power in the world at that time crumbled to corruption and debauchery within. Our great country is tottering on the brink of a similar collapse as greed and irresponsibility have fiddled away the solid foundations upon which we were founded, and which enabled us to become the most powerful nation on earth. We have been consumed by ple ...

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