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Restorative Justice In Our Estes Park

To The Editor: The Estes Valley Restorative Justice Partnership exists to reduce crime and disorder by applying the principles of Restorative Justice: repair of harm to victims, offenders, and community; reconciliation and repair of relationships; reintegration into the community; responsibility taken by all individuals for their part in the incident; restitution to the victims; and respect given and receiv ...

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Chamber Extends Thanks

Thank you to all those who came to the first "First Friday TGIF." We had a great turnout. Everyone had a good time enjoying each others company and discussing their businesses. The next First Friday TGIF will be November 7th at the Estes Park Brewery, more information on this will come in the next couple of weeks. The Chamber is gathering momentum. Many people are coming forward with their interest to parti ...

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Local Marketing District A “No-Brainer” And Also Supports Community Center

Dear Editor: Many people have expressed their opinions on matters that we will all decide this November. I write to you today about two local issues. This letter’s primary emphasis will be on the Local Marketing District (LMD) and, to a lesser extent, the Community Center. While I personally favor both initiatives, please note that they are really quite different. Unlike the Community Center, the LMD will i ...

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Please Vote “Yes” For Community Center

Dear Editor I am writing in support of the proposal for a Community Center, to be built by the Estes Valley Recreation and Park District, on the site of the old Estes Park Elementary School. We are among the very few (if any) communities our size in the area without a Community Center. There is need, year round, for locally available indoor recreational activity for our kids as well as for young adults and ...

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Thinking About Our Community’s Future

It’s Not Just For Kids-It Affects Us All From 1 to 99 To The Editor: We have lived and raised our three children here for the past 32 years. We would have loved a Community Center for our family, friends and guests. We both own our businesses and commercial buildings as well as residential rentals. We know the approval of the Community Center will cost us more in taxes on each of our properties, however, we ...

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Urges Yes Votes For 5D and 5E

To The Editor: I write to urge voters in the Estes Valley to carefully consider and support items 5D and 5E on the November ballot. Very simply, 5D allows for the formation of a Local Market District responsible for Advertising and Marketing of the Estes Valley, run by an independent seven member Board appointed by the County Commissioners and the Town Board. The geographic boundaries of the district extend ...

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Not Supporting The Rec District Vote

To the Editor: On September 15, 2008 the Park R3 Board of Education passed a resolution that “supports the Estes Valley Recreation and Park District in their efforts to continue to provide quality recreational programs and make significant improvements to the Aquatics Center in an effort to help attract young families to our community, and to provide our students and community members with year round recrea ...

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Community Center A Place For All To Enjoy

To The Editor: As with most people, I think back to my childhood days with fond memories. The summer was spent hanging out at our neighborhood pool with friends and family. After school we would get together with all of the neighborhood kids and play kick the can, kickball, or baseball in the cul-de-sac, coming home when the street lights came on or when my parents rang this huge, very loud, bell that hung ...

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