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Regarding Canyon Properties On The Banks Of The Big Thompson River

To The Editor: Come one, come all! Parking is now open directly along and on the banks of the Big Thompson River. The canyon properties being sold by Larimer County have a new requirement for a 14 foot access road with a 10 foot easement along the bank of the river. No restrictions, no supervision, open to all the public. This is being very successfully ram-rodded by the fishing clubs. They don’t have to lo ...

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Choir Director Would LOVE To See New Performing Arts Center

To The Editor: I would like to voice my support for the proposed building of a community performing arts center. As the choir director of Estes Park High School, I have encountered situations when, due to our expanding choral, instrumental, and drama programs, our school auditorium needs have conflicted with requests from our community to use our theatre. It is extremely unfortunate that we are limited wit ...

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In Support Of New Performing Arts Center

To The Editor: I am a professional violinist and violist, teacher of violin and viola, and a music publisher. I moved to Estes Park 10 years ago after holding faculty appointments at Texas Tech University and Texas Christian University for many years. I am an active performer, giving solo and chamber concerts with colleagues from the music faculty at CU/Boulder, Rocky Ridge Music Center, and other location ...

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Big Thompson Canyon Flood Memorial Committee Gives Thanks

What would our world be like without volunteers? There is not enough acknowledgement or appreciation for all they do. A volunteer, unselfishly donates their time because they have a big hearts. Being a volunteer does something to you that you cannot explain. If you have never been a volunteer, put it at the top of your list of things to do this year. There are many places you can volunteer in our community, ...

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Warm Thanks For Special Memorial Tree

Dear Editor: The final week for the Prospect Park Living Center Memorial Christmas Lights was another success and added to the total of nearly $700. The funds will be used to purchase a new ophthalmoscope which will be used in providing resident health care. The last donations received burned in memory of Nancy Mollé, Molly Holmquist, Susan Dodd, Alice Glissmeyer, Dagmar Pedersen, Gordon Newman, Alice Ruesc ...

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Community Thrift Shop Gives Back To Community In A BIG Way!

I want to thank the people of Estes Park and all the volunteers who have made the Estes Park Community Thrift Shop such a success. During the year, we gave clothing, blankets, toys and books to the following organizations, Larimer Humane Society, Pet Association of Estes Park, Girl Scouts, Goodwill, Arc Thrift, Longmont Baptist Church, the Dog Pound, Estes Park Library, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Cerebral ...

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Spirit Of Giving Is Bright

Dear Editor: Bright Christmas was a huge success once again. We helped 130 local families give their children a “Bright Christmas.” There were 291 children in these families. Many sponsors who bought gifts for the children added a gift for the parents. We had so many bicycles for these children that they were spread all over the Hangar Restaurant, most were purchased by the sponsors. The lower level of the ...

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Thank You Estes Park

To the Editor of the Estes Park News: On November 22nd, our son was involved in a very serious snowboarding accident at Eldora ski resort. He was wearing his helmet, he was boarding in control, and he was with good friends. Unfortunately, no matter what precautions you take, accidents can and do happen. Our family spent the last month in Denver at St. Anthony’s Hospital and then Justin received subsequent t ...

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