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New Performing Arts Center Is Critical To Future Of Estes Park

To The Editor: I am writing in support of the performing arts center. I feel that the proposed facility is critical to the future of Estes Park. Other Colorado resort communities that we compete with already have these types of facilities, so each day that we don't have one furthers our decline in the eyes of potential visitors. Visitors to the top resort areas in Colorado expect these facilities to exist. ...

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The Time Has Come For A Dedicated Theater And Concert Venue

To The Editor: I have reflected with great anticipation on the possibility of a dedicated Performing Arts Center in our community. Currently we face several challenges including the lack of an adequate venue that allows both local performing groups and outside programs to provide a variety of cultural experiences for our residents and guests. The Hempel Auditorium was built for recitals, not as a concert st ...

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Regarding Accessory Dwelling Units

Dear Editor: Property owners in the Estes Valley need to be aware of a proposal currently under consideration by the Estes Valley Planning Commission that will likely impact property values and the mountain beauty of the Estes valley. The proposal ( will allow construction of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) on all lots of one acre or more w ...

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Opposes ADU Code Change

Dear Editor: I am writing to express my concerns and to alert others to the proposed Accessory Dwelling Unit code change. Most disturbing, is the “Use by Right” status allowed by the proposed code. The change supersedes current zoning requirements and allows building of an Accessory Dwelling Unit of up to 1,000 square feet without community input or planning commission review.  There is currently a process ...

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New Performing Arts Theater Would Enrich Our Lives

To The Editor: I am writing this letter to express my strong support for the construction of a performing arts center in Estes Park. We have, in the Estes Valley, a uniquely beautiful natural environment, and we enjoy the results of a long local tradition of using and appreciating that environment. Very little has been done, however, to provide facilities here for the performing arts. I believe that we have ...

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Missing Enda

To The Editor: I first met Enda Mills Kiley when we visited the Enos Mills cabin during the early 90s. My mother, who lived in Lyons, loved to visit with Enda, and suggested we go meet her. I am looking right now at a picture of my daughter, Meghan, with Enda, probably in about 1997. The picture is one of my treasures. In the fall of 2005, we were thrilled to be in Estes Park for the annual meeting of the E ...

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Regarding Canyon Properties On The Banks Of The Big Thompson River

To The Editor: Come one, come all! Parking is now open directly along and on the banks of the Big Thompson River. The canyon properties being sold by Larimer County have a new requirement for a 14 foot access road with a 10 foot easement along the bank of the river. No restrictions, no supervision, open to all the public. This is being very successfully ram-rodded by the fishing clubs. They don’t have to lo ...

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Choir Director Would LOVE To See New Performing Arts Center

To The Editor: I would like to voice my support for the proposed building of a community performing arts center. As the choir director of Estes Park High School, I have encountered situations when, due to our expanding choral, instrumental, and drama programs, our school auditorium needs have conflicted with requests from our community to use our theatre. It is extremely unfortunate that we are limited wit ...

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