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Thinks ADUs Are “Responsible Development”

Dear Editor: There has been some misrepresentations lately of accessory dwelling units (ADUs), what they are and their purpose. Presently, the Estes Valley Development Code only allows 27% of the combined residential lots in both the Town of Estes Park and the unincorporated Estes Valley to have an integrated ADU within an existing single-family dwelling. This policy is a radical departure from past zoning ...

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Urges School Board To Embrace Estes Park Education Association

Dear Editor, On January 7, members of the Estes Park Education Association (EPEA) learned that the Board of Education would no longer participate in monthly meetings with EPEA officers. As a long time EPEA member and the organization’s current president, I would like to express my appreciation to the Board for their past participation in these meetings and my disappointment that this opportunity for open di ...

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More Regarding ADUs

To The Editor: The Association for Responsible Development (ARD) has several major concerns regarding the Planning Commission’s proposal for Accessory Dwelling Units, (ADUs). This proposal would be a major change the existing CODE and Zoning in the Estes Town and Valley. The proposed changes could allow for uncontrolled growth and alter the unique mountain character of the Estes Valley. Currently, ADU’s all ...

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Many Thanks For Helping Students In Need

As the SWAP (School to Work Alliance Program) coordinator for Park School District, I recently had an opportunity to see the Estes Valley community in action. One phone call can lead to many rewards in this day of economic trials and tribulations. One of my clients needed money to attend Park School District’s newly sponsored GED (General Education Diploma) program. The $200 cost of the program was more tha ...

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Prospect Of New Performing Arts Center Is Exciting

To The Editor: I'm excited by the prospect of a new performing arts center in Estes Park. As an organization with a statewide mission, we need more venues like this in which to perform. It's the perfect size for a company like ours, and we look forward to the opportunity of performing there. You can count on us to support you as you moved forward with your planning. Philip C. Sneed, Producing Artistic Direc ...

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Riverside Ramblers Support New Performing Arts Center

To The Editor: The Riverside Ramblers support the proposed performing arts center, and we feel that such a facility would be an enormous asset to the community. Audience enjoyment and draw would be benefited by a facility that combines parking, seating, warmth and cooling, sound control, weather protection and adequate staging. Walter Steige, Riverside Ramblers ...

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New Performing Arts Center Is Critical To Future Of Estes Park

To The Editor: I am writing in support of the performing arts center. I feel that the proposed facility is critical to the future of Estes Park. Other Colorado resort communities that we compete with already have these types of facilities, so each day that we don't have one furthers our decline in the eyes of potential visitors. Visitors to the top resort areas in Colorado expect these facilities to exist. ...

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The Time Has Come For A Dedicated Theater And Concert Venue

To The Editor: I have reflected with great anticipation on the possibility of a dedicated Performing Arts Center in our community. Currently we face several challenges including the lack of an adequate venue that allows both local performing groups and outside programs to provide a variety of cultural experiences for our residents and guests. The Hempel Auditorium was built for recitals, not as a concert st ...

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