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Blithe Spirit Director Thanks Community For Strong Support

To The Editor: On behalf of the cast and crew of Estes Park Repertoire Theatre Company, I would like to thank our community for the great support of our last production, Noel Coward's "Blithe Spirit." The cast experienced several roadblocks during the play building but overcame them with the motto of "...the show must go on.." and so it did. Also, a very special thank you to Wayne Groome for his very suppor ...

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Circle Of Friends Gives Thanks

Dear Editor, Circle of Friends Montessori School would like to thank those businesses and individuals who helped contribute to the success of our recent “Friends of Friends” wine tasting and auction fundraiser. Thanks to the following: The Crags Lodge and the View Restaurant and their staff; Brian Bean of Bean and Bean Auctioneers; Sean Park of Rocky Mountain Discount Liquors; Candace and Eric Mohr of Snowy ...

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Who Really Owns Estes Valley?

To The Editor: Is it the developers who will do just about anything, if they can make enough profit on it? Is it the builders who feel if something is good for them, it is good for Estes Valley? Or is it the residents of Estes Valley? Is it the people who live here, vote here, and pay taxes here? Majority Rule has been popular in our country for several hundred years. It means the people decide on major iss ...

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Performing Arts Center Would Be A Great Addition To The Community

To The Editor: On behalf of the National Park Players/Burdick Productions, I am writing this letter to voice my support for SOPA and their efforts to bring a performing arts center to Estes Park. Having professionally produced live theatre in Estes Park for the last few years, I can attest to the fact that there is a definite need for a fully dedicated facility for the performing arts. There are many, many ...

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Thinks ADUs Are “Responsible Development”

Dear Editor: There has been some misrepresentations lately of accessory dwelling units (ADUs), what they are and their purpose. Presently, the Estes Valley Development Code only allows 27% of the combined residential lots in both the Town of Estes Park and the unincorporated Estes Valley to have an integrated ADU within an existing single-family dwelling. This policy is a radical departure from past zoning ...

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Urges School Board To Embrace Estes Park Education Association

Dear Editor, On January 7, members of the Estes Park Education Association (EPEA) learned that the Board of Education would no longer participate in monthly meetings with EPEA officers. As a long time EPEA member and the organization’s current president, I would like to express my appreciation to the Board for their past participation in these meetings and my disappointment that this opportunity for open di ...

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More Regarding ADUs

To The Editor: The Association for Responsible Development (ARD) has several major concerns regarding the Planning Commission’s proposal for Accessory Dwelling Units, (ADUs). This proposal would be a major change the existing CODE and Zoning in the Estes Town and Valley. The proposed changes could allow for uncontrolled growth and alter the unique mountain character of the Estes Valley. Currently, ADU’s all ...

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Many Thanks For Helping Students In Need

As the SWAP (School to Work Alliance Program) coordinator for Park School District, I recently had an opportunity to see the Estes Valley community in action. One phone call can lead to many rewards in this day of economic trials and tribulations. One of my clients needed money to attend Park School District’s newly sponsored GED (General Education Diploma) program. The $200 cost of the program was more tha ...

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