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Tax Day Tea Party

To The Editor: The 3.7 trillion-dollar budget has been passed. What will result from this act? Our national debt will be tripled. Our children's future is now at risk. A huge expansion of the power of the federal government has taken place. The federal government will not only decide on company's CEO's but on who shall be on the Board of Directors of companies. Increased health care will be paid for by incr ...

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Quota Club Thanks All For Easter Egg Hunt

To The Editor: This letter is written as a big Thank You to everyone who helped make the Quota Club’s annual community Easter Egg Hunt a success once again. This includes the parents and kids who participated, even with the cold weather and having to dig in the snow to find the eggs! We first want to thank the Easter Bunny, Kylie Romig and the Peep, Austin Logan, for “making the day” of so many children. Ne ...

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What A Theater Means To The Economy Of A Small Town

To The Editor: "...The Story of What A Theater Means To the Economy of A Small Town...." is the line that catches our attention in an article in last Saturday's Denver Post cover story. The theater group known as The Southern Colorado Repertory Theatre (SCRT) in Trinidad, Colorado has been in existence for only seven years yet it has already become an integral part of this town's creative attempt to jump st ...

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Committee For Responsible Government Status

Dear Editor: As most people are aware, the Larimer County District Court has ruled in the case regarding EPURA and the Town of Estes Park. It has in effect overturned the Town’s rejection of an initiative that would allow the people to vote on the conditions that would establish or continue an Urban Renewal Authority. This decision reaffirms the Constitutional Right of people to be able to vote on matters i ...

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Shop Locally!

To The Editor: There seems to be a perception in Estes Park that we need to go to "the valley" to get the things that we need. Well, it's just not true! Recently, after researching a much needed vacuum cleaner on the internet we were shopping at True Value and decided to see what they had. We not only found a wide selection of vacuums but the very one we had researched and decided upon. True Value's price w ...

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A Response To Mr. Groome

To The Editor: Wayne Groome errs when downplaying the role of politicians in the creation of the massive so called "stimulus" bill. Members of the House and Senate did indeed contribute. And no, we don't have to trust the President. His massive spending of almost a trillion dollars empowers and puts it's trust in government, not people. Mr. Groome admits he's not a regular listener to the Rush Limbaugh prog ...

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Kudos From Mr. Cipolla

To The Editor: I would like to single out a couple businesses for their outstanding customer service and for going above and beyond what is required. This past week, my daughters and their families spend their spring break here. Among the establishments we visited, I would like to thank: 1). Home for the Holidays business, especially Dana for her help. It was a small ($30) purchase for my granddaughter but ...

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Thanks For Wonderful Celebration Of Dr. Seuss And Green Eggs & Ham

Dear Editor: I would like to extend a big thank you to the many people who made our Dr. Seuss Week special for the children at Life Long Learning of Estes Valley Christian Preschool and Primary School. The Egg & I welcomed our three year olds for a breakfast. We would like to thank Tim, and the kitchen crew, who make wonderful green eggs and ham and the servers who take such great care of us while we ar ...

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