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Thoughts On EPURA

Dear Editor: What is all the fuss about EPURA? It is certainly beyond my comprehension. My husband and I moved to the Estes area in 1991; we could recognize then the many improvements to the community EPURA had accomplishments, contrasted with the Estes Park we knew in visits before the Lawn Lake flood—a town whose businesses and streets had looked pretty “raunchy” and run down; and we have continued to app ...

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Big Thanks From Chuck Coffey, The Big Duck

To The Editor: It was my honor to have served as the “Big Duck” for the 2009 Rotary Club of Estes Park 2009 Duck Race. With 5,903 duck adoptions sold we raised over $112,000 for the 66 charitable and service organizations in the Estes Valley. This achievement would not have been possible without the continuing dedication and hard work of the Rotary Duck Committee. There are so many aspects that the public n ...

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Victim Advocates Extends Thanks For Ladies Pool Tournament

Dear Editor It has been an active and energetic April for the staff and volunteers of Estes Valley Victim Advocates. We would like to thank the Wheel Bar for hosting the 4th annual “Ladies Pool Tournament” on April 19th and the Estes Park Board of Realtors for “Bowl-a-Thon V” on April 24th. Both of these fun events benefit Estes Valley Victim Advocates and My Sister’s Place. Thanks also to the women who tur ...

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Estes Park Community Comes Through Again!

In these difficult times it is easy to forget our four legged friends. Businesses and residents alike donated seven truck loads of used towels and blankets to help a variety of local animal shelters. Your donations helped Boulder, Longmont and Ft. Collins Humane Societies, Estes Park Pet Lodge and Greeley K-9 Bed and Biscuit. Shelters have seen a rise in homeless pets and a decrease in donations. Please kee ...

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Earth Day Is Important Every Day

To The Editor: The “Celebrating Earth Day is Elementary” article by Kris Hazelton of April 24 was a great example of how working together between a dedicated person, David Born, and a dedicated art teacher, Valerie Bowles, achieved a great learning event for a large group of students. The colorful bags created by the students will be remembered, used and loved for many years. The things learned in doing the ...

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Board Of Trustees To Hear Proposed Changes To Development Code

To The Editor: On April 28, 2009, the Estes Park Board of Trustees will hear a first reading of proposed changes to the development code in regard to accessory dwelling units. Although not part of the current changes being presented to the Board by the Planning Commission, there was a strong effort below to allow detached accessory dwelling units on many lots in Estes Park. It was proposed that these could ...

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Earth Day And The Plastic Bag Challenge

To The Editor: With Earth Day soon upon us, it has become customary for just about everyone to participate in this annual rite of Spring, but as the saying goes, "Earth Day Is Everyday," and I'd like to recognize Estes Park Elementary School for switching from plastic cutlery to reusable silverware in it's cafeteria earlier this year. With estimates being conservative, it's easy to formulate that 85,000 pie ...

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Urges Careful Consideration Of EPURA

Dear Editor: This letter is written to publicly thank Mr. Bill Van Horn for his efforts in making it possible for all caring and interested Estes Park citizens ( and voters) to make their voices heard and to share in the disposition of the EP Urban Renewal Authority question. Thanks to Bill, it now seems that we will have the opportunity to speak out firmly and positively about EPURA' s expenditures of our ...

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