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Thanks For Fun Fit Family 5 Event

Dear Editor, I am writing on behalf of the Fit Family Five Mile event. The event was a great success. We had 79 adult participants in the race and 46 children participating in the children’s activities and the mile and ½ mile race. We added a team competition to our event this year and we had three teams participating and Team Mediocre from Denver won the traveling trophy. The event raised $6,849.89 for Lif ...

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A Thank You From The Director

To The Editor: A great many thanks to all the folks who attended our second play of our first season. "The Imaginary Invalid" by Moliere was well received. I was blessed with a most professional cast including: C.J. Jensen, Christann Higley, Michael Young, Michael Dzik, Samantha Holt, Rebecca Bailey, Craig Rouch, Skip Hyde, and Jack Dinsmoor. Introduced on stage for the first time with our "Company" were Ni ...

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Class Of 2009 Extends Thank You’s

Dear Editor, The class representatives of 2009 and the EPHS Class of 2009 would like to publicly thank the following people: Joe Hladick, Boyatt Glass, Kris Eitzen, Scott Webermeier of the Otherside Restaurant, and Neal Webster of The Image Ink for all of their efforts on behalf of the senior class. Mr. Hladick and Boyatt Glass were the suppliers of the newly restored Wall of Fame which will be in the high ...

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EPURA: The Need For Public Vote?

To The Editor: I support a public vote on EPURA reluctantly because I believe EPURA has done good things in the past for the Estes Valley and could do good things in the future. And if the public votes EPURA down, it will be very difficult to get it reinstated--that's just the nature of public votes on taxing entities. Nevertheless, I support a public vote on EPURA because I do not believe that EPURA has ye ...

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Dive Team Works Hard To Serve Community

To The Editor, I am writing this letter in response to many overheard comments regarding the Estes Park Dive Rescue Team. I heard many negative comments being made as I tried to enjoy the Duck Race this year. From the remarks I heard, it was very clear that most people don’t understand much about this amazing team of people who donate hundreds of hours of their time every year to community service, training ...

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Loved Center Stage Dance Recital!

To The Editor: I had the opportunity on Saturday afternoon to attend the Suzanne’s Center Stage School of Dance annual recital. It was a joy to watch the boys,girls, and adults display their talents in obvious hard work. Even though I had no relatives in the show it was with great pride that I was able to enjoy so much talent coming from our community. One was able to see the confidence projected on each pa ...

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Regarding Immigration Reform

Dear Editor, Worldwide concern over the swine flu has captured headlines across the globe.  The efforts of some to use this health crisis to further anti-immigrant policies and agendas is deplorable. Legitimate concern over the outbreak of flu in Mexico is being used as an excuse to continue spreading the racist fear and hatred of immigrants that was evident during national debates about immigration reform ...

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Urges People To Not Sign EPURA Petition

To The Editor: One thing I enjoy is visiting with people about Estes Park, locals and guests alike-in the grocery store, on the river walk, lake trail, walking the streets or while they are waiting for a tour bus. I would say nine out of ten have great things to say for the community. Some live here; some have been coming to Estes Park for years; some have known us for only a few years and a lot are here fo ...

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