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Fire District Trumps EPURA

Dear Editor, If the fire district ballot initiative is successful, the Town of Estes Park will realize a windfall of approximately $500,000 as the Town shifts half of its fire protection expenditures to property tax payers. Annually, as it reduces fire protection costs, the Town will enjoy a new half-million dollar fund for Town beautification or other needs. Assuming the effort to more equally spread fire ...

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Wonderful Wind Power!

To The Editor: What is the single thing that year around residents of Estes Park complain about and vilify? The wind! Modern technology has found a way to use this great, blustery renewable resource... Wind Turbines to produce energy. Congratulations to the residents who have installed a wind turbine. Why is this a positive happening? 1. The use of fossil fuels to produce energy is a non-renewable source. W ...

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Feels Poor Decision Was Made On EPURA Vote Scheduling

To The Editor: The Town Board has been very transparent in it efforts to ensure that voters will support the proposed new Fire District in November. It has also been transparent in supporting the continuation of EPURA despite the petition to have this decision put to a public vote. There is nothing wrong with the Board taking public positions that the Board believes are in the long-term public interest. The ...

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Supports Fire District And Mil Levy

To The Editor: A debt of gratitude is owed to the members of the Estes Park Volunteer Fire Department for their legacy of professional and reliable service and to the members of the Estes Valley community who have historically and unselfishly supported our fire department. During the fire department’s first one hundred years of service, it was financially supported voluntarily by various entities within our ...

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Urges Continued Support Of EPURA

To The Editor: At the Tuesday, August 25th meeting of the Town Board, the Trustees rejected the Initiated Ordinance which was presented for action. Intention of this issue was to abolish the Estes Park Urban Renewal Authority. The petition was promoted by Larry Pesses, the former president of the Park R-3 School District board and Bill VanHorn, who in 1991 introduced a movement to build an Outlet Mall on th ...

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Loves The Windmill On Highway 7

To The Editor How wonderful to see the windmill turning on Hwy 7. Every time we drive down Route 7, we are glad that somebody is making use of the free energy provided by the ubiquitous wind in Estes Park. This is a good way to deal with the rising energy costs that will occur with time. Kudos to the town for allowing the building of this windmill.  We hope that after the moratorium, the town will see the w ...

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Thinks Crosswalks On Highway 7 Should Be Eliminated

To The Editor: On the 21st of August, 2009, my daughter and I were involved in an accident on Highway 7. My daughter and I were hit by a driver who drove into the rear of our car at full speed, 40 mph. Our car was a total loss. Two cars in front of me had stopped abrubtly, for pedestrians at the crosswalk on Highway 7. Drivers are required to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalks. I would like to thank the ...

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County Property Owners Annex To The City? No!

To The Editor: A few of the reasons local politicians want annexation: “To increase tax revenue.” “Big and strong enough to be a key community in the Front Range.” “Become an economic giant.” “A bigger board of trustees” “Improvement in the tourist trade” - (because they would have more of our tax money to spend on marketing.) Why are any of the above a positive for county property owners? Politicians admit ...

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