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For Our Future

To The Editor: The time has come to put our Fire Department on a solid foundation for the future. The selfless volunteers that protect our lives and property deserve to know that the entire community they serve stands behind them. They constantly take time from their jobs and families to take risks for us residents with no compensation. The Fire Department has the same number of volunteers now as it did ten ...

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Urges A “No” Vote For Fire District

Dear Editor, As an Estes Park business owner, I invested in our community. Businesses are the portal by which wealth enters and circulates through the Valley. We collect the sales taxes that fund essential Town services. Town trustees are charged with overseeing the spending of these precious sales tax dollars. Our many small business owners investing in Estes Park have afforded home owners consistently low ...

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Regarding The EPURA Election

To The Editor: At the August 25 Town Board of Trustees meeting, the Board acted on the initiated ordinance to abolish EPURA and require a vote of the citizens if they wanted to start one in the future.  Eric Blackhurst, to his credit, had it right and suggested it belonged on the November Combined ballot. The Trustees, however, scheduled it for a special election mail ballot due Jan. 12, 2010. Bill Van Horn ...

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Thank You Firefighters!

To The Editor: Thank you to all the firefighters and workers who successfully contained the Dunraven Fire last week. We live here because of the beautiful mountains, green trees, abundant wildlife and nice neighbors, but there is always the threat of wild fires. Last Tuesday at noon it happened and by evening there were over 150 people working on the fire. We saw more trucks, fire engines, etc. than we have ...

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Are Humans Really Smarter Than Bears?

To The Editor: Living in the mountains comes with certain responsibilities to protect the ecosystem we live in. Unfortunately, there are too many people that move to the mountains, have seasonal residences in the mountains, or come to visit the mountains and are unaware of these responsibilities. Bears and other wildlife have to eat. Elk, deer and other ungulates have it a bit easier than bears. There tends ...

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Former Mayor Of EP Encourages A Vote For The Fire District

To The Editor: Many people may have varying views on what services local government should be providing and what government should not be funding. I think that almost everyone would agree that having a properly trained fire department is a primary and vital function of local government. Today the Town of Estes Park has a well trained professional volunteer department. The department is led by an excellent f ...

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Fire District Trumps EPURA

Dear Editor, If the fire district ballot initiative is successful, the Town of Estes Park will realize a windfall of approximately $500,000 as the Town shifts half of its fire protection expenditures to property tax payers. Annually, as it reduces fire protection costs, the Town will enjoy a new half-million dollar fund for Town beautification or other needs. Assuming the effort to more equally spread fire ...

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Wonderful Wind Power!

To The Editor: What is the single thing that year around residents of Estes Park complain about and vilify? The wind! Modern technology has found a way to use this great, blustery renewable resource... Wind Turbines to produce energy. Congratulations to the residents who have installed a wind turbine. Why is this a positive happening? 1. The use of fossil fuels to produce energy is a non-renewable source. W ...

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