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More Thoughts On The Fire District

To The Editor: If the voters of the Valley unwisely create a new fire district, please consider the fact that by statute, the Town of Estes Park would only be legally obligated to commit the seven percent of Town sales tax revenue to the Fire District through 2010. This was admitted at the public hearing before the County Commissioners earlier this year. While many cities are adopting furloughs and layoffs, ...

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Thank You To Firefighters

To The Editor: We are so very blessed to have such wonderful people, and a lot of them are local volunteers, who work to keep our communities safe. A very special thank you goes out to the following organizations who kept our homes safe and from us becoming “toast” (literally) during the recent fire bordering The Retreat Homeowners Association. Glen Haven Volunteer Fire Department Estes Park Volunteer Fire ...

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Elk Fest-A Fantastic Event

To The Editor: Congratulations to the Elk Fest 2009 Committee for another fantastic and professionally run event. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) has participated in this event for the last five years and each year it seems to only get better. My interactions with Laurie Button and Melissa Logan of the Committee over the pre-festival period were always positive and they we incredibly responsive. As ...

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Thanks To Public Works Department

Dear Editor: Estes Park’s Department of Public Works routinely does a fine job for our community with a talented and versatile staff, whether it be infrastructure and facilities maintenance and management, year-round care of our thoroughfares, seasonal beautification, or any of the other tasks on their "to do" lists. But we especially want to thank Public Works Director Scott Zurn for the public-input proce ...

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For Our Future

To The Editor: The time has come to put our Fire Department on a solid foundation for the future. The selfless volunteers that protect our lives and property deserve to know that the entire community they serve stands behind them. They constantly take time from their jobs and families to take risks for us residents with no compensation. The Fire Department has the same number of volunteers now as it did ten ...

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Urges A “No” Vote For Fire District

Dear Editor, As an Estes Park business owner, I invested in our community. Businesses are the portal by which wealth enters and circulates through the Valley. We collect the sales taxes that fund essential Town services. Town trustees are charged with overseeing the spending of these precious sales tax dollars. Our many small business owners investing in Estes Park have afforded home owners consistently low ...

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Regarding The EPURA Election

To The Editor: At the August 25 Town Board of Trustees meeting, the Board acted on the initiated ordinance to abolish EPURA and require a vote of the citizens if they wanted to start one in the future.  Eric Blackhurst, to his credit, had it right and suggested it belonged on the November Combined ballot. The Trustees, however, scheduled it for a special election mail ballot due Jan. 12, 2010. Bill Van Horn ...

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Thank You Firefighters!

To The Editor: Thank you to all the firefighters and workers who successfully contained the Dunraven Fire last week. We live here because of the beautiful mountains, green trees, abundant wildlife and nice neighbors, but there is always the threat of wild fires. Last Tuesday at noon it happened and by evening there were over 150 people working on the fire. We saw more trucks, fire engines, etc. than we have ...

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