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Final Thoughts And Thanks Before Election From Fire Service Co-Chairs

Editor: While we will not know the results of the Fire District election until next Tuesday, we want to thank those who have worked for the past two years in support of creating the Estes Valley Fire Protection District for the betterment of their community. First and foremost, Fire Chief Scott Dorman and the fantastic volunteer firefighters of the Estes Park Volunteer Fire Department on whose behalf we lab ...

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A “Yes” Vote For Special Election

Dear Editor: The October coffee with the Mayor rated two front page stories in the Trail-Gazette on Oct. 9th. It was interesting reading for those unable to attend. Unfortunately, a citizen made a gross misstatement which no Town officials made any effort to clarify or correct. Pat Newsom said that "EPURA gets no money from property taxes," which is misleading. Now for the facts. EPURA does get money from p ...

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Vote “No” To Fire District

To The Editor: After reading endless propaganda put forth by the city of Estes Park and their never ending quest for more taxes, I feel compelled to write this letter. Hopefully, I can inform local citizens about the city’s manipulative tactics used to convince you that you need something that you really do not need. If the city does not change their tax and spend mentality, more people and businesses will ...

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Thank You EPVFD!

Dear EP Fire Department, This is to thank you and all the departments that fought the horrible fire Monday at the Park Theater Mall.  It is because of your dedication, professionalism and tireless efforts that this tragedy did not spread farther. As I and others stood in stunned disbelief watching the battle waged, we appreciated your hard and dangerous work. As a business owner downtown and a longtime Este ...

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A Trying Time At The Football Game

To The Editor: My husband and I have both lived in the Estes area for many years, we own three local businesses and have every intention of staying active members in our community. We are both EP school alumni and have a young son that may be going to school here in the future. I say "may" because I am amazed at some of the things I hear from parents, former teachers and have experienced myself! One example ...

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Looking For More ‘Fire Heroes’ To Thank

We all know the firefighters, police, police auxillary and ATF personnel are all heroes in our recent local tragedy. Our hearts also go out to the local business owners who have lost so much in this fire. We wish to acknowledge everyone we possibly can who are helping take care of those fighting, investigating and controlling the fire zone and perimeter. If you know of other heroes involved in the Park Thea ...

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Great Job Estes Park Fire Department & Emergency Personnel!

To The Editor: We really want to express our heartfelt thanks to all members of the Estes Park Fire Dept, all emergency personnel and any other departments that assisted with the Park Theater Mall fire on Monday. What an outstanding job you all did! We truly feel that the dedication and organization that was shown on Monday is the reason our business and many around us are still standing! Endless thanks to ...

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Thank You To Firefighters

To The Editor: We are so very blessed to have such wonderful people, and a lot of them are local volunteers, who work to keep our communities safe. A very special thank you goes out to the following organizations who kept our homes safe and from us becoming “toast” (literally) during the recent fire bordering The Retreat Homeowners Association. Glen Haven Volunteer Fire Department Estes Park Volunteer Fire ...

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