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Our Wildlife Needs Our Help

To The Editor: I believe that I and most of your readers chose to live in this beautiful valley both for the grand vistas as well as the abundant wildlife. But, now, I fear, that the latter has a real danger of disappearing. On Monday, 11/9/09, without the benefit of pre-announcements or advertising, a meeting was held to give final approval to the new Estes Valley Development Code Section 7.8, Wildlife Hab ...

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Veteran’s Day Ceremony Was Wonderful

To The Editor: Last week I had the great pleasure of celebrating Veterans Day at the Estes Valley Memorial Gardens with many from Estes Park. A friend and I, recent homeowners in town, were blown away by the demonstration of all that is dear to Americans: • volunteering time and talent • faith • patriotism. People of all ages and interests were there. We especially enjoyed the music and Vern Mertz' first-pe ...

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Believes Now Is The Time To End EPURA

To The Editor: The purpose for which EPURA was mandated seems to have been lost. EPURA's purpose was not to augment tourism but to restore a town that had been severely damaged by a flood caused by an earthen dam breaking. That dam had been reported as damaged several years earlier. It was therefore just that federal money would be granted to the town to initiate the process of restoration of the town. Incl ...

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Areas Not Protected For Wildlife

To The Editor, The Board of County Commissioners met on Monday, 11/9/09, in the Estes Park Town Hall for the final approval of the new Estes Valley Development Code Section 7.8, Wildlife Habitat Protection. Clearly, the developers won. Not only was the Colorado Division of Wildlife removed from the review process but any habitat protection for elk, deer or raptors was removed as well with the comment that d ...

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Keep Or Abolish EPURA?

To The Editor: The ballot question on the Estes Park Urban Renewal Authority (EPURA), though seemingly complicated, is really quite simple: Do we want progress and improvements in our Town to continue OR, do we want to cut back? That’s it. The latter course would be unwise since we have a tourist based economy with essentially no where else to go. By far the largest part of our town’s general fund comes fro ...

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Newcomers And EPURA

To The Editor: Quite a number of us have been full-time residents for less than 10 years. I first came to Estes Park in 1954 and fell in love with this valley, bought my first piece of property in 1978 and moved here to live full-time in 1996 after a stint in the military (my wife and youngest sons living here since 1979). I volunteered at the then small Salud Community Health Center. I've watched our town- ...

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Doesn’t Want EPURA

Dear Editor and Estes Park Voters: Of course, David Habecker writes in favor of retaining EPURA. EPURA is the pet of the planner/architect/designer/excavator/developer/builder/realtor interests that control our Town government. EPURA projects contribute to their livelihood while siphoning funds from our community services, such as our schools, Estes Park Medical Center, Public Library, Parks and Recreation ...

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Estes Park’s Growth Depends On EPURA

To The Residents of Estes Park: Although I am now a citizen of Naples, Florida, I continue my interest in the welfare of Estes Park. I moved to Estes Park in January, 1980, nearly 30 years ago, and I have watched Estes Park grow from a vacation-oriented village to the present thriving town, overcoming many disasters and growing problems. I am concerned about Estes Park’s future after having achieved so many ...

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