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Doesn’t Want EPURA

Dear Editor and Estes Park Voters: Of course, David Habecker writes in favor of retaining EPURA. EPURA is the pet of the planner/architect/designer/excavator/developer/builder/realtor interests that control our Town government. EPURA projects contribute to their livelihood while siphoning funds from our community services, such as our schools, Estes Park Medical Center, Public Library, Parks and Recreation ...

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Estes Park’s Growth Depends On EPURA

To The Residents of Estes Park: Although I am now a citizen of Naples, Florida, I continue my interest in the welfare of Estes Park. I moved to Estes Park in January, 1980, nearly 30 years ago, and I have watched Estes Park grow from a vacation-oriented village to the present thriving town, overcoming many disasters and growing problems. I am concerned about Estes Park’s future after having achieved so many ...

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Loves Special Transit! Take Advantage Of Free Rides!

Dear Editor, As a Special Transit rider for the past five years, I would like to encourage people who need transportation to take advantage of their 30th anniversary celebration by riding for free during the whole month of November. Anyone in Estes Park can use their service but it is especially important for me since I use a motorized scooter and don't drive at all and the only way I can get around is with ...

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Elizabeth Guild Needs A New Home

To The Editor: The Elizabeth Guild has been a main stay and a chief recycler of clothing and house hold items in Estes Park since 1975. Hundreds of volunteers have toiled countless hours away sorting clothing and goods and even repairing some household items to work again. Hundreds if not thousands of people have benefited directly from the ability to purchase at a low cost this clothing and goods for their ...

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EPURA Is Vital To Our Future

To the Editor: Without  EPURA, our Town would not have the tools and wherewithal to continue to improve and keep up. Without the additional revenues it produces from its improvements--its only source of revenue --as we go forward, we will no longer be able to progress and improve as we have during the last 25 years. And, as our competition continues to improve, we will tend to lose market share as we become ...

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A Big Thanks To All Who Helped In Fire

To The Editor: Over a decade ago, I was blessed to see our fire dept. fight another major fire when National Park Village North was destroyed. As a member of the local Red Cross Disaster Team I saw their effectiveness many times, saving so much. This time I was 'stuck' only being able to follow their progress via my scanner. If it were in my means I would pay every single firefighter, auxiliary units etc. W ...

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Honor Flight Board Thanks You!

We have now provided the opportunity on three separate flights, for our WWII Veterans from Northern Colorado to visit their Memorial in Washington DC. This has only been possible because of the fantastic support of all our wonderful citizens, the guardians, and various organizations, throughout our area. In the Estes Park community, so many have helped that I hesitate to start listing them; but I certainly ...

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Thoughts On EPURA

Dear Editor: Mr. Nicholas! (this is not a term of endearment or respect but to get your attention). You have spoken a truth and as well as much that is false. The truth, yes I did say “EPURA gets no money from property tax.” Your false statements: “EPURA does get money from property taxes which are its primary source of funds.” Show me where EPURA appears on your tax statement along with the taxing district ...

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