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Urges Continued Support For EPURA

To The Editor: For 18 months in 2007 and 2008 the Urban Renewal Commissioners and Town Trustees studied the pros and cons of renewing the funding for EPURA. Public hearings were held. Community input was considered. On May 13, 2008 the Town Board voted to renew this funding mechanism. The Board determined this is a useful tool for continued community development and it is in the best interest of the citizen ...

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Unhappy About Gas Prices

Dear Editor, ‘Tis the season to be jolly, but there’s nothing jolly about Estes Park gasoline prices! I simply do not understand why prices here are always as much as .50 cents gallon higher than in Lyons or Ft. Collins or even Denver. That is literally highway robbery. Yes, overhead is high here, transport is expensive, and our high season is short (except on sunny winter weekends). But surely station owne ...

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Association For Responsible Development Weighs In On EPURA

To The Editor: At the November meeting of the Association for Responsible Development (ARD), a majority of members present passed a resolution in support of a "YES" vote to abolish EPURA. This position resulted from extensive evaluation of both sides of the issue and discussions with proponents of each. For more information on ARD's position, please feel free to contact ARD President Dave Albee at (970) 586 ...

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Washington Could Learn A Lot From Estes Park

Dear Editor: I attended the League of Women Voters forum on EPURA Monday evening at Town Hall. The League handled the evening with its usual professionalism and objectivity and it is too bad that, because of the weather, the room was not filled. I was struck by the decorum exhibited by the six panelists, three on each side of the issue, and the respect-even friendship-that they showed for each other. It is ...

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Vote No On Removal Of EPURA

To The Editor: Have you noticed the tenor of the debate over EPURA? 1. Some of us viewed a film regarding the abuses of eminent domain under urban renewal in Kansas. 2. We've heard of the abuses of urban renewal in Loveland, Ft. Collins and Denver. 3. The State of Colorado has lauded Estes Park as the example of urban renewal at its best! 4. With the help of redevelopment, Estes Park has become the #1 mount ...

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Not In Favor Of EPURA

To the Editor, The map and areas involved published by the Town in preparation for the EPURA special election is far from informative. The EPURA "blighted area" (shown in red) is only 0.49 sq. mi. but it includes most of the valuable commercial retail real estate in the town. It even snakes its way to include Stanley Fairgrounds, which is owned by the town and hence pays no property tax. It was obviously in ...

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Voters Forum On EPURA Set For December 7

The Voters Forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters on the future of the Estes Park Urban Renewal Agency (EPURA) will be Monday, December 7 at 7 p.m. in the Town Boardroom, which is a few doors down from the main office at 170 MacGregor Avenue. Representatives from both sides will make a presentation and answer questions from the audience. “We had such a strong turnout at our regular League meeting on ...

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Thank You For Making A Wonderful Book Fair Very Successful!

Dear Editor, This year our “Around the World” Book Fair was a huge success. I would like to offer a huge "World Wide" thank you to all who helped make this fair a wonderful event. Thank you to the following businesses and individuals for donating prizes, food or services to our fair: The Egg & I, Starbucks, STAR Video, Mary Jane’s Closet, Geppetto's Toy Store, Smokin Dave's Barbeque, Sweet Basilico Cafe ...

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