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Salud Thanks Community Thrift Shop

Dear Editor: The Estes Park Salud Foundation Board wishes to express publicly our extreme gratitude to the Estes Park Community Thrift Shop (Hwy 34) for again including Salud in the Year End 2009 grant awards. We thank each of the Thrift Shop volunteers for the dedication to this cause that benefits not just Salud, but many other non-profit groups in the area. The grant award also provides a public acknowle ...

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Thank You Voters

Dear Editor: On January 12, Estes Park voters participated in a special municipal election at unprecedented levels.  More votes were cast in the special election than were cast within Town limits during the November election.  Indeed, it was the highest number of voters in a municipal election ever. Thank you to all those Estes Park citizens who voted in this past election.  The strong turn-out demonstrated ...

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Look Out Lonigans, Combatants At The Door

To the Editor: This letter was written before EPURA ballots were counted, so I have no way of knowing how the vote will turn out.  (As Mark Twain surely must have said: "Any man who claims he knows how an election will turn out will lie about other things as well.") "Friends of EPURA" plan a Tuesday election watch dinner at Peak to Peak American Grille. I don't know what those on the other side of the issue ...

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A Big Thank You To All Who Contributed To Fundraiser For The McCrea Family

A big thank you to all who helped and generously donated to the fundraisers for Stephanie McCrea's Medical Fund.  Both the bake sale and bowling night were a big success! Thank you to Rocky Mountain Evangelical Free Church (Estes Park) for hosting the bake sale, setting up the medical fund for the McCrea's, and helping spread the word. Thank you to Tanis Roeder and the staff at Chipper's Lanes Bowling Alley ...

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Please Vote Yes On The EPURA Ballot

To The Editor: There are certainly a lot of opinions about the EPURA election, and everyone is entitled to have one. Recently many opinions in the newspapers appear to have been formed based on the belief that EPURA’s funding does not come from tax receipts that would have gone to other taxing districts, had they not been diverted to EPURA. One fact is irrefutable and that is that in the last year of the or ...

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The Politics of EPURA

To The Editor: In support of continuing EPURA by VOTING NO, I walked the downtown stores this weekend and got to meet store owners and managers. After meeting with a couple, I realized that this decision had some ideological views as to the expansion of government and taxation concerns. During a discussion with a local owner, he expressed his desire to reduce government and taxes. That gave me the opportuni ...

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Urges A No Vote To Retain EPURA

Dear Editor: I am a 30-year resident (realtor, teacher, small business owner, volunteer) of Estes Park and have been studying the EPURA controversy for months. EPURA has benefitted our mountain town in a very positive way over the past 26 years and needs your NO vote for its retention. Your property taxes have not been and will not be used to fund EPURA. The school, hospital, fire and recreation districts a ...

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My Vote Is To Eliminate EPURA

To The Editor: A recent letter stated that EPURA had a long list of projects for the future. If this new list is anything like the list that was provided to support the EPURA renewal, it is a simple bait and switch list.  Prior to EPURA being reapproved by the town, a study was performed to identify areas of downtown that were deficient and needed work. This resulted in a list of potential projects that wer ...

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