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Ruled By Fear

To The Editor: Downtown Estes Park October 19th 2009 6:15 a.m., as I walked out my door to head to work that morning I could see the smoke rising against the clear blue sky. Within a few hours my life had changed forever and fear began to creep in. The question running through my mind was, now what? What am I going to do to earn a living? Why do I bring this up now? For one, it has been 5 years since the fi ...

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Ken Czarnowski For EVRPD Again

To The Editor, I am encouraging voters to re-elect Ken Czarnowski to the Estes Valley Recreation and Park District board of directors. Ken has brought a wealth of experience and new ideas to the board during his current term. I see the value of continuity on the EVRPD board as the community deals with the aftermath of the September floods. Ken’s ‘Principal Occupation’ as listed on the EVRPD web site is “Nat ...

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Park Hospital District Election We Need Strong, Competent Leadership

To The Editor: On May 6, 2014, there is an election that will help set the future direction for our hospital/medical center, EPMC. The Park Hospital District has three Board positions on which you are eligible to vote. One of the positions is uncontested with the incumbent running. The other two are for four-year terms. Three individuals are contesting those two positions. They are Sandy Begley, Chuck Levin ...

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Big “Thank You” To All Who Contributed

To the Editor and Readers: Many thanks to all who contributed to the "Kindles for Malawi" fund drive! Your generosity toward the deaf children in Malawi has made it possible to purchase 50 e-readers (each holding 100 books) which will be delivered and dedicated to the Embangweni School for the Hard of Hearing in early October. The gift of reading is of immeasurable worth and especially so in this area of Af ...

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Supporting Sandy Begley And Chuck Levine

Dear Editor, We are fortunate that Sandy Begley and Chuck Levine are running for the Estes Park Medical Center Board. Chuck and Sandy are passionate about serving our community and both bring extensive relevant experience to the challenges that lay ahead in stabilizing EPMC’s financial position and bringing the new wellness center to fruition. Opposing Chuck and Sandy is Chris Reveley, a leader in the oppos ...

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Time To Finish What We Started: May 6th Election

To The Editor: As co-chair of the Estes Park Wellness Coalition, I first want to thank everyone who participated in the April 1st election and especially those who provided the incredible support for the EPMC/Anschutz Wellness Center. Last week, with the closing of the property sale, we passed our first post-election milestone. The Town now has $1M to help it with flood recovery, Grand Heritage has the abil ...

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In Support Of Ken Czarnowski For EVRPD

To The Editor: I have known Ken Czarnowski for many years now. I first met Ken in his capacity as a watershed expert for Rocky Mountain National Park. He impressed me then with how thoroughly he demonstrated his management expertise in the Park. Since then he has impressed me with his attentiveness and proficiency as an EVRPD Director. Ken’s knowledge, experience, training and skills are unmatched. Rocky Mo ...

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A Very Important Election

To The Editor: We urge you to vote for Sandy Begley, Chuck Levine, and Duane Miller, for the Park Hospital District Board of Directors. We are confidant that Sandy, Chuck, and Duane are committed to support the mission of the Estes Park Medical Center (EPMC) and the desires of the community. EPMC has worked hard for many years to provide appropriate services to this community that allow us to avoid going to ...

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