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“Take Back Our Right”

To The Editor: As the owner of a tourist centered business here in town, I would like to make a open public plea regarding the campaign by the election issue committee to Take Back Our Right. Those of you in town who know me, know that in addition to owning the KOA campground with my wife Ruth, I have a separate side business in web design, programming and hosting. Also, I have a high tech daughter who is a ...

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Thank You Light And Power Team!

To The Editor: All of us Estes Parkers don't have to be told how beautiful our town is, especially during the holiday season! I'm sure we all noticed how this year, the town had just a little more sparkle, and a lot more color! I think a huge thank you must go out to the Town, and especially, the wonderful people on the Light and Power team who spread more lights and more new color around Estes this year th ...

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Vote Yes

To The Editor: I am a full-time telecommuter (web developer) with the requirement of a stable, reliable, fast internet connection. Several weeks ago my national provider went down for 2.5 days. My options when this happens are to either take vacation days until the connection is back up, or wifi hop from free location to location in town. This is extremely challenging as most places are crowded, making it d ...

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Vote Yes In The Estes Park Broadband Special Election

We need competitive broadband to keep our schools, our medical center, our library, our property values, and our lodging strong now and into the future. The only issue is overriding Colorado Senate Bill 152, pushed through in 2005 by Qwest and other private internet companies, in an effort to reduce competition. A YES vote allows the Town government to regain some of its rights to be involved in choices for ...

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Repair And Keep The Scott Ponds Intact

To The Editor: The consideration to drastically alter, if not altogether destroy one of the prettiest sites on the south side of town is indefensible. The loss of wetland and habitat for a wide range of wild life is unconscionable. The ponds are seen as a flooding threat for homes below the pond in the event the dams break.  Following that line of thought, does that mean the dam on Lake Estes will be remove ...

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Don’t Take Away Our Ponds

Dear Fellow Estes Park Residents,  Estes Park is not just a town. It is a place that has and still does creates wonderful memories for all who are lucky enough to visit there, let alone live there. I am a fourth generation Coloradoan, and my family has always been lured by our magical mountains and its wildlife. My parents took my sister and I up frequently to Estes on weekends for shopping, dining and picn ...

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Ruled By Fear

To The Editor: Downtown Estes Park October 19th 2009 6:15 a.m., as I walked out my door to head to work that morning I could see the smoke rising against the clear blue sky. Within a few hours my life had changed forever and fear began to creep in. The question running through my mind was, now what? What am I going to do to earn a living? Why do I bring this up now? For one, it has been 5 years since the fi ...

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Ken Czarnowski For EVRPD Again

To The Editor, I am encouraging voters to re-elect Ken Czarnowski to the Estes Valley Recreation and Park District board of directors. Ken has brought a wealth of experience and new ideas to the board during his current term. I see the value of continuity on the EVRPD board as the community deals with the aftermath of the September floods. Ken’s ‘Principal Occupation’ as listed on the EVRPD web site is “Nat ...

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