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Supporters Of The Performing Arts

The questions asked in this column are derived from sources such as those asked by current donors, questionnaires and interviews with local people who are interested in this important project. We welcome your input as well and hope that if you have concerns that are not answered here you will let us know by sending a note or calling to leave a message with your own questions. Contact address and phone are s ...

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Land Trust Hosts Luncheon For Monitors

Jan Ricker, president of the Estes Valley Land Trust board of directors, welcomed the 60 volunteers who attended the Monitors’ Appreciation and Training Luncheon last Wednesday. The event was held in the Pine Room, Estes Park Center, YMCA of the Rockies. During the luncheon/meeting, Jan highlighted the 2008 land conservation and stewardship achievements for the group. Russ Driskill, director for Annual Stew ...

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Please Heed Warning Signs When Trails Are Closed

By: Kris Hazelton You know its springtime in the Rockies when the new elk calves begin to show up in the Estes Valley. With the births of the elk calves and the proximity of the elk population to the Estes Park residents and visitors, there are a few words of caution we should all be aware of, to prevent any potentially harmful human/elk encounters. Just this week in the bird sanctuary on the Lake Estes Tra ...

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Chippewa Is Quite The Hiker!

By: Dr. Marie Richardson (Dr. C) So, this week Chip has been on two hikes. Yes, hikes. They may have been short ones but hikes nonetheless. Yesterday, Mike, Nathan, Lexi, and I took Chip on a walk around the neighborhood. I had been hesitant because Chip hasn’t been leading well. We found out that the trick was to get him out of his routine and familiar surroundings. Then he trusted us to show him that the ...

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Chippewa-The Wonder Horse!

Little baby Chippewa, the young foal who we have been featuring in the EP News, continues to make progress each and every day. According to Dr. Marie Richardson (Dr. C) “For the past 11 weeks I have been with Chippewa at least three times a day with tube feedings. Last weekend, I unfortunately lost a very dear uncle and attended his funeral in Louisiana. I had to be away for three days. Chip still gets tube ...

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Chippewa Is Learning And Growing Each Day

Little baby Chippewa, the young foal who we have been featuring in the EP News, continues to do well. According to Dr. Marie Richardson (Dr. C) “Last week, in Chip’s update, I wrote about Natural Horsemanship. So I thought that I would touch upon it a bit this week. Everyone has seen the old cowboy movies when someone jumps on a wild horse and “breaks” the horse to ride. This method of training basically ca ...

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Shuttle Operations Begin June 27 New Route Added

With the addition of service on Fall River Road, all three major highway corridors will see Free Visitor Shuttle operations this summer. June 27 has been set as the first day of operations throughout the area. Daily operations continue on the Town-operated Free Visitor Shuttle through August. 30. This will be the fourth year free shuttle service has been provided by the Town of Estes Park. Riding the shuttl ...

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