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Keeping The “Wild” In Wildlife

By: Kathleen Campbell We in the Estes Valley depend upon visitors from around the world to sustain our economy and promote Estes Park as a great vacation destination. One of the many attractions these visitors come to see is our wildlife. Unfortunately, one of the larger animals in our ecosystem—the black bear--is becoming less than wild and more of a nuisance. Because the black bear has a nose 100 times mo ...

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May 22 Safety Fair Will Provide Family Fun And A Good Education

By: Kate Rusch Public Information Officer Town of Estes Park Do you know how to protect your family in case of a disaster? Do you have an escape plan when the smoke detector goes off? Do you know what to do if your frying pan catches on fire? Is your child’s car seat installed properly?  Does your child have the appropriate helmet for riding a bike?  Is your home safe from wildfire?  The Estes Park Police D ...

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Grandstand Nears Completion; Town Seeks Sponsor For Naming Rights

By: Kate Rusch Public Information Officer Town of Estes Park Reconstruction of the grandstand at the Fairgrounds at Stanley Park is nearing completion with an estimated project completion date of June 14, 2010. The Town is entertaining the option to allow a sponsor to name the grandstand facility. The arena was named in honor of Estes Park’s historical figure Charles Everett “Granny” May in 1968 and that de ...

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Please Heed Warning Signs When The Walking Trails Are Closed

By: Kris Hazelton You know its springtime in the Rockies when the new elk calves begin to show up in the Estes Valley. With the births of the elk calves and the proximity of the elk population to the Estes Park residents and visitors, there are a few words of caution we should all be aware of, to prevent any potentially harmful human/elk encounters. Just this week in the bird sanctuary on the Lake Estes Tra ...

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Duck Race Day Activities Lined Up

Duck watchers at the 22nd annual Estes Park Duck Race will be entertained all day with everything from Dixieland music at the start of the race to music, balloon art, and caricature drawings at the finish line. Thousands of people are expected in Estes Park for the annual duck race, the largest general charitable fund raiser in the Estes Valley. The festivities begin at 11:00 a.m. with the Riverside Rambler ...

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By: Kris Hazelton Last week dispatch began receiving calls from residents  about a yearling elk with something stuck to its nose and mouth. Upon closer inspection, the object stuck to the elk was determined to be a rat trap, commonly used in our area to catch ground squirrels. Colorado Division of Wildlife District Manager Rick Spowart was aware of this young elk but was having trouble locating it. Last Sat ...

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Mayor Proclaims May 1st Official Duck Race Day

When Estes Park Mayor Bill Pinkham issued the proclamation this week naming May 1, 2010 as Duck Race Day, he was doing more than setting aside a day for the 22nd annual Rotary Club fund raising Duck Race. He was also recognizing the largest general charitable fundraiser in the Estes Valley. The Duck Race, in which rubber ducks are "adopted" for $20 and then sent racing down the Fall River, has, by 2009, rai ...

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Rare Mandarin Duck Spotted In Estes Park

By: Dick CoeOn Friday, April 3rd, this Mandarin Duck was seen at Lake Estes and subsequently on the Fall River on Saturday, at least a mile west of Lake Estes. The Mandarin Duck is native to Asia and is seen in our zoos, private collections and can be table fare at Chinese restaurants but it is very rare to see anywhere else especially here in Estes Park. One was reportedly seen this winter at City Park in ...

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