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An Elk Rescue Mission

By: Kris Hazelton Last week, police dispatch received many calls of a bull elk who was tangled in some wire. The wire was wrapped tightly around the elk’s antlers, looped around his neck and across his body and around his legs. The wire posed an immediate danger as the wire was getting tighter around his neck and also, it posed a danger now that the rut is approaching. The elk are now beginning to spar with ...

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Dry Weather Drives Bears Closer To People

Bear photo by Jim Mueller The Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife is asking residents and vacationers in Colorado to take extra care to avoid attracting hungry bears to homes, cabins, campgrounds and picnic areas. Within the past few weeks, wildlife officers have responded to a higher than normal level of calls about bears entering homes, garages, sheds, tents, chicken coops and damaging beehives. Wildl ...

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What Everyone Should Know Before Attempting The Keyhole Route On Longs Peak

Rocky Mountain National Park rangers want those who attempt the Keyhole Route on Longs Peak to have realistic expectations of the challenges they will face to summit the 14,259 foot mountain. New informative materials, to help people plan and prepare for their climb, have been posted on the park’s website since July. The updated information includes a brochure with photographs of the different sections on t ...

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Discarded Fishing Line Tragically Harmful To Wildlife

Photo: Two distressed Cormorants, both with snagged fish hooks. Charlie Nugent photo Fishing line discarded along waterways can harm animals, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials urge anglers to dispose of line properly. Every year dozens of birds and small mammals in Colorado get tangled up in fishing line along rivers, creeks and reservoirs. "Fishing line left on the bank is dangerous," said Scott Gi ...

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Old Fall River Road In RMNP – NOW OPEN

Old Fall River Road in Rocky Mountain National Park opened Saturday, July 30th for the season. Old Fall River Road normally opens by the Fourth of July holiday weekend but due to the heaviest late spring snow seen in decades the opening was delayed. There are no good long term records of the opening dates of Old Fall River Road prior to 1985. This is the latest the road has opened in 26 years. Old Fall Rive ...

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Looking For Adventure?

Sign up to take a Ghost Tour at the historic Stanley Hotel? Don’t be scared....on these tours, you’ll learn about the history of the hotel and its original owners, FO and Flora Stanley who are said to still roam the halls of this beautiful old hotel. Tour the most haunted rooms and places and through the underground tunnel if you dare. Discover the true story behind the connection to The Shining and what pa ...

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Hunter Jumper Show At Fairgrounds At Stanley Park

The Hunter Jumper Horse Show is being held at The Fairgrounds at Stanley Park Hunter Jumper Horse Shows are held throughout the world. Competitions represent the hunter jumper disciplines while promoting the welfare of the horse and fairness in competition. Hunters originally represented the thoroughbreds or part thoroughbreds that were ridden in fox hunts. Competitions involve negotiating fences resembling ...

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Bears Are Opportunistic Feeders Take Precautions To Avoid Conflicts

By: Kris Hazelton CDOW Bear Aware Volunteer The bears are hungry in and around Estes Park and the Division of Wildlife is reminding residents and visitors to always be bear aware. Because they are large omnivores, bears are nearly always on a search for food. Wild foods are essential for bears-berries, insects, plants and carrion. But when people fail to store garbage, pet food or bird feeders properly, bea ...

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