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Be Aware & Use Caution During Elk Calving Season

Elk calving season takes place each spring. During this time, female elk, or cows, become irritable and highly protective of their young calves. Though they may look harmless, like the bull elk during the rut, cows are extremely dangerous during calving season. Known calving areas should be avoided and caution should be exercised at all times during calving season. The bird sanctuary along the Lake Estes Tr ...

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U.S. 34 & U.S. 36 Estes Park Intersection Reconstruction Project

Project Overview Beginning Monday, May 20, 2013 and lasting through Friday, May 31, 2013, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) will start the first phase of a reconstruction project on the intersection of US34A/US34C/US36C in Estes Park, CO. This first phase of work includes drilling and installation of caissons for new traffic signals at each corner of the intersection. No work will be done bet ...

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Give Wildlife A Brake In The Estes Valley

It’s time to remind motorists to drive safely in wildlife-prone areas. In the Estes Valley at least four elk or deer have been hit by vehicles just in the last two weeks. This is a tragedy for both humans and the animals. The cows/does that were hit were most likely pregnant with calves/fawns. Just by being aware while driving, you can help prevent damage to your vehicle and/or help save the life of an elk, ...

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Senior Center And Museum Master Plan Process Nearing Completion

Preferred concepts to be presented May 14 The Estes Park Senior Center, 220 Fourth Street, and the Estes Park Museum, 200 Fourth Street, are in the final stages of a six-month Master Plan process to identify separate future development or re-development options for the Town’s Senior Center and Museum facilities. The third of three public meetings will be held at the Estes Park Museum, 200 Fourth Street, on ...

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Taste Of Estes Next Thursday April 25th

By: Kris Hazelton Don’t miss your chance for a delicious dining experience at Quota Club of Estes Park’s 29th annual Taste of Estes event. This fun community tradition features 25 of some of the areas best restaurants offering savory samples of their menu offerings. There are a number of new participants this year offering up tastes of some of the best food in the Estes Valley. The Taste of Estes will be he ...

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Learn How To Live Responsibly With Bears

Programs, materials, video available for all audiences From: Kate Rusch Town Public Information Officer The community-led Bear Education Task Force now offers a variety of programs and materials for Estes Valley businesses, residents and guests, children and adults. The task force has developed partnerships with community organizations and businesses, and prepared educational programs, a five-minute educati ...

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Businesses Help ‘Bears Are Us’ Group Keep Residents And Guests Bear Aware

Estes Park Mountain Shop is donating a bear canister to Bears Are Us for their bear education talks. BAU is urging all campers to place food and toiletries in a bear canister to prevent attracting bears and these containers are being required at more and more campgrounds as we continue to try to coexist with bears peacefully. We live in bear country and must learn to live together cohesively and these conta ...

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