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Back To School, Football And Hungry Bears-It’s Fall In Colorado

Fall is right around the corner, and it is time to be especially bear aware, says Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Black bears typically accumulate their winter-fat stores in the fall during hyperphagia. They can forage for up to 20 hours a day, consuming nearly 20,000 calories and occasionally wandering into residential areas looking for food. Human-bear conflicts are a fact of life in Colorado, but with some ...

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Visit The Lord Dunraven Cottage

Did Lord Dunraven actually live in the octagonal Queen Ann-style home built along Fish Creek Road near the Estes Park “English” Hotel? One of the oldest buildings still standing in Estes valley, Lord Dunraven’s charming early Victorian cottage, still captures one’s imagination of what an Irish Lord’s Rocky Mountain home would look like. Built in 1877 by Englishman John Cleave, it was to be used by Lord Dunr ...

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Estes Park Businesses Pledge To Reduce Bear Conflicts, Keep Bears Wild

This summer, more than 70 Estes Park restaurants and other businesses signed a pledge to do their part to keep bears wild. The community-led Bear Education Task Force established the bear-responsible business pledge for Estes Park, and Bears Are Us volunteers followed up by visiting businesses to explain the pledge and offer businesses the opportunity to commit to this responsibility. By signing the pledge, ...

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8th Annual Estes Park Heritage Festival This Weekend, Aug 10 & 11

The 8th Annual Heritage Festival will be held this weekend, August 10 and 11 at the Fairgrounds at Stanley Park. The festival is put on by the Estes Valley Historical Preservation Foundation whose mission is to promote, preserve, restore and educate the public on the important history of Estes Park. Event organizers will once again host "Trash and Treasures" and community members are invited to donate items ...

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You Can Help Save The Lives Of Our Bears

Tips to reduce conflicts and become bear-responsible By: Kate Rusch for the Bear Education Task Force Did you know once a black bear enters a home or business, it may be euthanized? It's a cold, hard fact. Bears are smart and adaptable. All it takes is one exposure to human or pet food, trash or bird feeders for a bear to learn and repeat this behavior. Bears are naturally shy creatures, but they can be a g ...

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Concert On The Summit Of Longs Peak

By: Gal Faganel Rocky Ridge Music Center cello faculty and violin student staged a concert atop of Longs Peak. At 9:00 a.m. Monday, July 22, University of Northern Colorado professor, cellist, Gal Faganel, and University of Colorado at Boulder graduate student, violinist, Jenny Shea, hiked with their musical instruments to the top of Longs Peak. “We left in the light of a nearly full moon at 2:30 in the mor ...

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Bears Break-In To Estes Park Home

Last weekend, a mama bear and her two cubs broke into a local residents home. The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous was will to tell us her story about the break-in, in hopes to help others from experiencing this event which luckily had a great outcome. This is the story as told by the resident, “While returning to my home from a hike, my neighbor warned me that a sow and two cubs were just seen goin ...

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