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Flooding Update – Wednesday, Sept. 18

Estes Park Public Information Office-Flooding Update Wednesday, September 18 Current priorities are assessing the safety of buildings and infrastructure, doing everything we can to allow for evacuees to return to properties when possible, as well as increasing access to Estes Park. We’ve come a long way in 6 days! Downtown roads have reopene ...

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CDOT Actively Repairing Roadways

Also expediting contracts to address hardest hit corridors Since last week, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has been focusing on rescue efforts in Larimer, Boulder and Weld counties and across the northeastern plains. While the flooding continues in eastern Colorado, the water is subsiding in many areas and CDOT is expediting repairs in several areas. “With winter on our heels, we need to f ...

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Town Information Update, Sept 17

Estes Park Public Information Office Flooding Update Tuesday, September 17 Estes Park agencies continue to focus on life safety priorities and assessing conditions related to public safety as well as public resources. Current priorities are assessing the safety of structures and letting evacuees return to properties when possible, as well as ...

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Flooding Causing Road Closures

Heavy rain has caused Fish Creek in Estes Park to breach its banks. A small number of low-lying residences on Fish Creek at Brook Drive have been evacuated to Mountain View Bible Fellowship. Remember to stay clear of stream edges, and be prepared to seek higher ground. Do not attempt to drive through water. Officials will continue to monitor river levels and updates will be provided here as needed. A flood ...

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Estes Elk Watch-Real Time Updates On The Whereabouts Of Our Resident ElkEstes Elk Watch-Real Time Updates On The Whereabouts Of Our Resident Elk

Autumn is upon Estes Park and the sounds of the season are starting to be heard throughout the valley. The annual elk rut has begun! Estes Park is home to one of the country's largest wild elk concentrations. Every September and October, the town of 5,000 (people) experiences a population boom unlike any other when its 3,000 elk "residents" partake in their fall tradition of the elk mating season called the ...

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Back To School, Football And Hungry Bears-It’s Fall In Colorado

Fall is right around the corner, and it is time to be especially bear aware, says Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Black bears typically accumulate their winter-fat stores in the fall during hyperphagia. They can forage for up to 20 hours a day, consuming nearly 20,000 calories and occasionally wandering into residential areas looking for food. Human-bear conflicts are a fact of life in Colorado, but with some ...

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