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New Driver’s License Office In Loveland Boasts No Lines!

No lines! The new driver's license office in Loveland opened on May 16th and the employees at the new DMV are just like the Maytag repairman, they’re lonely! You can get in and get out and leave with your new driver’s license in no time flat. We’ve heard from so many Estes Park residents that this new office has no wait and the employees are worried they’ll get shut down, due to lack of customers. The new ...

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Mountain Pine Beetle Update

The spray companies have responded very well serving our Estes Valley residents who have contacted them for preventive spraying of pine trees against mountain pine beetle (MPB) infestation. For those residents who have not had their pines sprayed and do want them sprayed, all four recommended spray companies listed below will continue spraying until the end of July. Since MPB attacking ponderosa pines norma ...

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Help Out Landon, A Baby And His Family, Who Really Need Your Help

This is Landon Weatherby. He is a very sweet and adorable little boy and is loved very much by his family. Landon was born healthy on May 30, 2007 and in November of 2007, he was diagnosed with a mitochondrial disease called Leigh's Disease which is a degenerative disease of the central nervous system. There is no treatment or cure for this terrible disease. ...

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Goodbye To A Great Person and Friend

by: Laurie Button How in the world do you begin writing something worthy of the man we knew as Tim Mayhew? For several hours my fingers have been assembling words on the keyboard and then erasing them just as quickly with the delete key. None of the sentences that emerged on the computer screen came close to expressing the emotions that Tim’s family, friends and coworkers are feeling at this moment in time. ...

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Allenspark To Address Wildfire Protection June 24th

The community served by the Allenspark Fire Protection District is about to take a big step to protect itself from wildfire. Over the last year about twenty volunteer citizens have compiled a comprehensive set of recommendations and supportive reasoning, in a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). The plan, less its priorities, is available at On June 24, 7 p.m. at the main ...

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The Russert Example

I, like most people who heard the mournful news of Tim Russert’s early death, was profoundly saddened. I did not know Tim personally, but I learned about him from my daughter, who has been one of his technical managers at NBC news for the past three years. Marsha, like all her co-workers, loved Tim because of the kind of person he was. She would tell us that he is the same person on and off the air -- a big ...

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