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What Is That Very Bright Star?

By: Irene & Steve Little It is not a star, it is the planet Venus. Seen in the southwest shortly after sunset, Venus becomes easily visible in twilight and it is by far the brightest starlike object in the sky. If you know where to look, you can even see Venus in the sky before the sun sets (!) it is so bright. Every time Venus becomes this bright evening star, we get calls wanting to know what it is an ...

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Information Academy Kicks Off With Introduction To Organization And Goals Of Town Government

By: Barb Boyer Buck Scientists, engineers, writers, a musician, airline industry professionals, computer programmers, financial wizards, a mental health councilor, a pastry chef … all in all, pretty typical representatives of Estes Park citizenry. Shake out the hills and mountains all around the valley and out will drop some of the most talented, educated, and resourceful people in the country. But this par ...

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Estes Park Joins The 2009 CAST Reuseable Bag Challenge

Lead by the League of Women Voters, The Town of Estes Park will be participating in the 2009 Colorado Association of Ski Towns (CAST) Reusable Bag Challenge. The goal is to raise awareness regarding the environmental and social costs of single-use plastic shopping bags and to promote the use of reusable shopping bags through a friendly competition between members of the Colorado Association of Ski Towns. Th ...

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Keri Iverson Keeps The Bright Promise Of Summer Flowers

By: Barb Boyer Buck Although the parks and outdoor planters of Estes Park are empty this time of year, the planning and preparation for the annual summer flowers lasts year-round. Keri Iverson, the Parks Department employee who is responsible for the Town of Estes Park's spectacular botanic displays, is busy planning for the warmer months to come. The showy, bright colors of new seed catalogs fill her desk ...

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Children’s Librarians Kerry Aiken And Melanie Kozlowski Honored

On January 2, at the grand re-opening of the Youth Room of the Library, community members presented a "Thank You" plaque and appreciation gift certificates to Kerry Aiken and Melaine Kozlowski for their role in our children's lives at the Estes Park Public Library. The plaque, shown at left, was designed by Amy Lane of Basis Marketing and is now hanging in the Youth Room. The plaque was the idea of members ...

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Missing Enda

To The Editor: I first met Enda Mills Kiley when we visited the Enos Mills cabin during the early 90s. My mother, who lived in Lyons, loved to visit with Enda, and suggested we go meet her. I am looking right now at a picture of my daughter, Meghan, with Enda, probably in about 1997. The picture is one of my treasures. In the fall of 2005, we were thrilled to be in Estes Park for the annual meeting of the E ...

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Regarding Canyon Properties On The Banks Of The Big Thompson River

To The Editor: Come one, come all! Parking is now open directly along and on the banks of the Big Thompson River. The canyon properties being sold by Larimer County have a new requirement for a 14 foot access road with a 10 foot easement along the bank of the river. No restrictions, no supervision, open to all the public. This is being very successfully ram-rodded by the fishing clubs. They don’t have to lo ...

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