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An Update On Little Chippewa

In the past few weeks, Chip has been growing like a weed. He is starting to fill out and he is beginning to shed his winter/foal coat. I still think that he will end up being a grey horse but only time will tell. Chip got his first outdoor bath. He had a bath everyday when he was younger because of his pressure sores but they were always in the dog bathtub with warm water. He had his first Estes Park cold-w ...

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Amateur Radio Field Day A Great Success At The Fairgrounds

Amateur radio operators from around the Estes Valley competed in their second annual Field Day test of emergency communications readiness on June 27 and 28, 2009. Sponsored by the Estes Valley Amateur Radio Club, this year’s activities featured four stations run either on battery or gasoline generator power for a 24 hour period from the east side of the Stanley Fairgrounds. The main purpose of this exercise ...

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40,000 Flowers Planted For All To Enjoy

Geraniums, petunias, nicotiana, impatiens, marigolds, salvia and cosmos are just a few types of flowers planted by the Town of Estes Park’s flower crew each year. Not to mention the perennials-Shasta daisy, echinacea, daylily, ornamental grass, oriental poppy, catmint, salvia and columbine. Around 40,000 of them are planted each summer for the enjoyment of Estes Park residents and visitors. Eleven people co ...

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The Heart Warming Life Story Of Chippewa-The Little Foal

By: Kris Hazelton Editors Note: We have had many requests to recap the story of little Chippewa and we decided to run this story again as the Richardsons get Chip ready to make his public debut in the Rooftop Rodeo Parade. In mid February of this year, a local horse owner contacted Dr. Marie Richardson, (Dr. C) telling her of a newborn foal that was in desperate need of help. They had a mare they didn’t kno ...

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Saving Fuel And Connecting With The Community

Estes Park Police step onto Segways “The biggest advantage of patrolling Estes Park on Segways is the positive interaction we have with people,” Estes Park Police Sergeant Robert Schumaker commented as he examined a new all-terrain Segway x2 Patroller. “People are curious about these things and it gives us a chance to talk with them about something fun.” On Sunday, June 28 Rocky Mountain Segway of Boulder v ...

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Chippewa To Walk In The Rodeo Parade

Little baby Chippewa, the young foal who we have been featuring in the EP News, continues to do well. According to Dr. Marie Richardson (Dr. C) “In the past two weeks Chip has made much progress. I spoke to an equine nutrition specialist through Purina and we have made some adjustments to his feedings. He has flourished. He is gaining weight and growing in height. We feel that although he may need additiona ...

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DOW Urges Businesses And Homes To Stow Away Any Bear Attractants

By: Kris Hazelton The past few weeks a young, reddish/brown yearling bear has been seen in and around the downtown area getting into trash cans, dumpsters, bird feeders, grills and pet food bowls for a quick and easy meal. According to Rick Spowart, Division of Wildlife Manager, “Unless people change their habits, this bear is doomed to die a tragic death!” Spowart and local Bear Aware volunteers have been ...

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