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Cooler Weather And Rain Helps Contain Dunraven Fire In Glen Haven

Authorities believe a small fire sparked a larger fire in Glen Haven on Tuesday, September 8. The fire was first reported just after 11:30 a.m. The Dunraven Fire was located 17 miles northwest of Loveland and three miles northwest of Glen Haven in the Retreat area. The U.S. Forest Service says the fire was in steep terrain and in dense timber and was at 7,600 feet in elevation. The fire reached a size of ap ...

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Fire Protection District Q & A Sales Tax

The proposed establishment of the Estes Valley Fire Protection District to provide fire and rescue services to the entire Estes Valley will go to the voters this October. Each week until the election, the Fire Services Initiative Committee will answer questions submitted by the residents of the Estes Valley. Questions are being grouped by subject. This week, the questions involve sales tax. Q. Why do we nee ...

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An Update On (Not So) Little Chippewa

By: Dr. Marie Richardson (Dr. C) I can’t believe it. Chippewa is seven months old. He is doing great! Although I still get asked if he is a pony or a horse because he is on the small side. Of course many people don’t know that horses take years to reach their mature size. Because of his rough start, he will probably not catch up to where he should be genetically for at least one to two years and even then h ...

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Scout Seeks Help With Eagle Project And Band Hosting Bingo Night!

Scott Wenzel, a Boy Scout in Troop 8 is working on his Eagle Project. He is a senior member of the EPHS Marching Band. The marching band is in need of a garage to store props and equipment. His project is to raise funds to build a 10 X 25 foot storage garage. Donations would be greatly appreciated to help fund this project. Please send any donations to BSA 8, P.O. Box 3364, Estes Park, CO 80517 or drop off ...

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Firefighters Endorse Fire District Proposal

The volunteer firefighters of the Estes Park Volunteer Fire Department have voted to support the forming of a Fire Protection District as the best option to continue to provide the Estes Valley with the services it has come to expect and to prepare the Fire Department for future challenges. The firefighters delivered their letter of support to Estes Park Bill Pinkham this summer. The mission of the Estes Pa ...

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Smoke A Result Of California Wildfires

Current smoky conditions are a product of the wildfires burning in California, according to meteorologist Norv Larson with the National Weather Service. “Looking at satellite trajectories, we can follow it all the way back to California.  These fires are so large and burning so hot they’re generating their own weather and lofting smoke thousands of feet into the atmosphere.” There is a west/southwest air fl ...

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Meeting Senator John McCain

By: Kris Hazelton I was very excited when I heard that Senator John McCain was coming to Estes Park. You see, I have always felt I had a special connection with John McCain. When I was ten years old, I purchased a POW bracelet at a high school football game, for $2.00. Thousands of such bracelets sold across the country. The inscription on my bracelet, LTCDR John McCain III, 10-26-67. Little did I know, tha ...

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EPMC Celebrates New State Of The Art Ambulance

Last Friday, employees of the Estes Park Medical Center along with members of the ambulance crews, thanked Quota Club of Estes Park for their help providing another new ambulance for our community. They thanked Quotarians by inviting them to a special luncheon in their honor and they gave them a tour of the new state of the art ambulance which was purchased with their help in fundraising. This is the fourte ...

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