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How To Clear More Than 80 Miles Of Streets, Sidewalks & Trails

In Estes Park, it’s not uncommon for the more substantial snowstorms to arrive later in the winter months and in spring – and the Town of Estes Park is always ready to respond. With a snow removal team of just 14 employees and 15 reserve drivers, the Town of Estes Park efficiently clears approximately 57 miles of streets, 12.5 miles of sidewalks, 12 miles of trails and 15 parking lots across town. The team ...

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New Name, New Offices, New Phone Number-Greet Visit Estes Park Operations

The Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) of the Local Marketing District has officially changed its name to “Visit Estes Park.” Using ‘Visit’ in front of the destination name is quickly becoming an industry standard, and it clearly defines our goal and mission while extending an invitation to all potential visitors. It also eliminates some of the confusion created by the acronyms CVB, LMD and DMO, altho ...

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2011 Real Estate Statistics

Well, 2011 is in the books and our year end stats are in. Overall, the market improved from 2010, albeit very slightly. Surprisingly the big winner was Vacant Land with a another huge jump in value. Here’s the breakdown by category: • Single Family Homes – Total units sold increased by 17 to 210. Median value decreased slightly by 4% to $302,000. • Attached Homes (condos) – Great news here, condos saw a 13% ...

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Locals Gear Up For 2012 Caucus At EPHS

By: Michelle Hurni On Jan. 21, 2012, the Estes Park Tea Party Patriots gathered at the library to learn about the 2012 Colorado election process. A main focus at the meeting was the Colorado caucus process. The Colorado Republican caucus takes place on Tuesday, February 7th at 7:00 p.m. at the Estes Park High School. At the caucus, voters get involved at the most basic level, with speeches by locals who are ...

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Town Administrator Position Applications Now Being Accepted

The Town of Estes Park is currently advertising the Town Administrator position opening at, as well as in local and national media. Applications will be accepted from potential candidates through Feb. 13. The Estes Park Town Board of Trustees and Gary Suiter, consultant with The Mercer Group, requested community input to help create the position profile used to advertise the position. In late ...

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St. Malo Fire Brings Consequences

By: Father Joseph Hartmann, Brenda Brown and Joanne Baldwin On Monday morning, November 14, 2011, many local lives were radically changed when a fire ravaged the nearby St. Malo Retreat and Conference Center, located between Allenspark and Estes Park, Colorado. Amidst cold and extremely windy conditions, 14 fire departments worked together to control a large fire that heavily damaged the facility. Most area ...

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Great Sledding Weather

Christmas week was the perfect opportunity for snow enthusiasts to get a run in on their sleds near the YMCA on Tunnel Road West of Estes Park. The YMCA offers ice skating for their members on Dorsey Lake at the entrance to their grounds. Visitors may purchase a day use pass in the Sweet Memorial building at the YMCA, which includes the cost of skates for the day. ...

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The WAPA Plan

To The Editor: The Western Area Power Authority (WAPA), which is a branch of the Department of Energy, has recently put forward a plan to combine two existing, aging transmission lines into a single line with twice as many wires and 105 foot tall steel poles. The problem with this plan is not with rebuilding aging infrastructure (a good thing), but rather with the height and proposed siting of the towers, w ...

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