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Bears Are Coming Out of Hibernation

With the warm weather we’ve been experiencing, the bears have begun to come out of hibernation in the Estes Valley. Black bears enter their dens in October and November and hibernation typically lasts 3-5 months. They spend their time in hollowed-out dens in tree cavities, under logs or rocks, caves or culverts. If the winter is mild enough, bears may wake up and forage for food. Females  give birth in Febr ...

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Pioneers Of The Peaks: Training In Rocky Mountain National Park With Harry Kent

Estes Park climber and guide Harry Kent will present in the third program of the “Pioneers of the Peaks” monthly series hosted by the Estes Park Museum and the Estes Valley Library. “Pioneers of the Peaks” celebrates the stories of the area’s past and current mountaineers during the 100th anniversary year of Rocky Mountain National Park. On Monday, March 30 at 7:00 p.m. at the Estes Park Museum, Kent will g ...

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Estes Arts District Announces Public Meeting

 Since fall 2014, Estes Park art businesses and organizations have been meeting to form a new art association for the entire arts community. Originally the name was Estes Arts Presents but after research on state requirements and the confusion with the pursuit of a Creative Arts District designation, we have changed the name to the Estes Arts District. The purpose of the district is to promote and support o ...

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92.4 Percent Vote “Yes” In Broadband Special Election-What’s Next?

By: David Batey, Chair, - Estes Park EDC Competitive Broadband Committee On Tuesday evening, February 3, 2015, the Broadband Special Election results were clear: 1,652 of 1,788 votes (92.4%) were “YES.” The results reestablished our Town’s right to decide its role in providing local competitive broadband services. People are already asking when they will get their competitive broadband service. What is comp ...

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Civility Matters. Civility Works.

One of my favorite sayings is that “Democracy is not a spectator sport.”  Democracy only works if people are willing to put forth the effort and actively participate.  Just like sports, however, effectiveness doesn’t just depend on if you participate or not, but how you participate. Can you imagine if we had the ability to throw a flag for “unsportsmanlike conduct” in a public meeting or anonymous social me ...

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Smoke Expected Near Hermit Park

With heavy snowfall expected this weekend, Larimer County Natural Resources and Emergency Services staff plan to burn slash piles at Hermit Park Open Space, southeast of Estes Park, between Monday, February 23 and Friday, February 27. Burning will continue all week, as conditions allow. To meet safety and regulatory requirements piles are burned after snow storms, when at least three inches of snow is on th ...

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Town Participates In World Community Grid Effort

Over the past year, the Town of Estes Park Information Technology (IT) division replaced many of the Town’s servers used to hold information and applications. While the servers were antiquated and slow, most still had useful life remaining. Instead of disposing of this nearly obsolete gear, Town of Estes Park IT Specialist Kyle Szabo suggested the Town put the computers to use for humanitarian research purp ...

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Stanley Hotel Restoring Roofs On Historic Property

First undertaking of its kind in more than 100 years Cognizant of historical conservation requirements and stringent building codes set forth by the Town of Estes Park, The Stanley Hotel is currently undertaking a major renovation on its property - the replacement of the wood shake shingles on three of its major buildings, including the main hotel. "This is a 100-year replacement," said John Cullen, owner o ...

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