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Do You Know Who This Is?

In honor of the Park R-3 school  district’s 125th anniversary this fall, the Estes Park News is running a fun promotion for the event. We will be running a series of photos of past Estes Park High School graduates. If you think you know who the photo at right is, email your answer to She attended Estes Park Schools and graduated as a Junior. The first person with the correct answer w ...

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Net-Metering For Renewable Energy Offered By Estes Park Light & Power

Credit Issued for Excess Energy Generated by Customer-Generators A new agreement offered by Estes Park Light & Power will allow customers who - through solar, wind or other approved renewable energy systems – create more energy than they need to feed net excess energy back through the grid and be credited for it. Credit at 1 kWh for 1 kWh for excess energy generated at a customer’s site, through the use ...

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What If Enos Mills Came Back Today?

Enos Mills is a household name in the Estes Valley. His legacy as the "father of Rocky Mountain National Park" lives on today and touches our daily lives. But, what if he came back today? He was an outspoken and controversial figure in his day. What would he have to say to those living in this time of history? You'll have a chance to see on local television what perhaps Mills would think of our times. The E ...

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Estes Park Village Band To Present Patriotic Concert On July 4th

The Estes Park Village Band will present its annual Fourth of July Concert at the Performance Park, Estes Park’s outdoor performance facility located on west  Elkhorn Avenue. The free concert, featuring patriotic music and marches, will begin at 7:00 p.m. Audience members are encouraged to bring lawn chairs. The band will be performing a variety of patriotic selections, celebrating America’s history, cultur ...

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Shuttle Begins Operations This Saturday, June 28th

Estes Park’s summer season Shopper Shuttles begin operating this Saturday, June 28. Using the free transit system, residents and visitors alike can easily access core downtown shopping and most attractions in the community because nearly all primary access routes to the core business areas of Estes Park are located on the shuttle routes. ...

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