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Award Winning Author Margaret Coel To Speak At Library Dinner

By: Wayne Groome When approached to interview author Margaret Coel, speaker for the upcoming Estes Park Library Dinner, I was concerned that my novice approach to interviewing would not go well with such a seasoned professional. My fears were unwarranted because she was just as genuine as they come. For over a month we corresponded to arrange a time so that we might meet and greet in person. My feelings are ...

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Rock Slide On Highway 34

A rock slide occurred in the Big Thompson Canyon (Highway 34) about 1.75 miles east of Estes Park at about 1:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon. Several very large boulders blocked the roadway Fortunately, no one was hit or injured, and CDOT crews quickly cleared the boulders from the road. ...

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Board Evaluates School Supt. Linda Chapman-A Glowing Review

Pursuant to Article 9 of Colorado School Law, the Park R-3 Board of Education has conducted a formal evaluation of Superintendent Linda Chapman. As the Board of Education evaluates the superintendent’s performance, they consider and monitor many performance standards in her accomplishments toward District Goals, Ends, and Executive Directives, including, but not limited to, the Colorado Superintendent Stand ...

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2008 CSAP Highlights

Park R-3 Superintendent Linda Chapman’s Preliminary Summary The Park R-3 students continue to show growth in the achievement of the Colorado Model Content Standards as measured by the CSAP (Colorado Student Assessment Program.) The district is proud of these results, and despite a year of intense construction campus-wide, gains can be seen by the lower number of students scoring unsatisfactory or partially ...

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Rec District

By: Jim Martinsen, Treasurer, Committee for our Community Center Why is the Recreation District proposing to demolish the Elementary School rather than remodel it? The decision to tear down the old elementary school was a “dollars and cents” decision. The Neenan Company, under direction of the Recreation Board, researched several options including renovation of the old elementary school. The cost to renovat ...

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Larimer County Adopts Fire Restrictions

The Board of Larimer County Commissioners today adopted fire restrictions beginning at noon Tuesday, July 29 through Tuesday, September 2, 2008. The restrictions are based on a recommendation from Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden. Hot and dry conditions have increased the concern for dangerous wildfires in Larimer County. Today’s restrictions: prohibit open fires; the use of fireworks; and public firewor ...

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Park R-3 Construction Update

By: Park R-3 Supt. Linda Chapman The renovation of our campus, thanks to our generous community’s support, is about a month from being completed. Currently the middle and high schools, along with the stadium, comprise the major projects. At the high school, the finishing touches are being added to the student center, technology lab, athletic and concession area, restrooms, and main office area. All aspects ...

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