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Upcoming Larimer County Roadway Construction Project

Work on the US Highway 36 turn lanes at Hermit Park (Project No. 7010) is scheduled to begin on project area is from just north of Pole Hill Road to just north of Pinion Trail for Hermit Park Open Space which is located southeast of Estes Park on US Highway 36. This project will construct left and right turn lanes for Hermit Park Open Space. ...

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Donate Your Old Cell Phone At EP Police Dept. 

Something that you may not be aware of is that old inactivated cell phones still have the capability to call 911 in emergency situations as long as they can still be turned on. “Secure the Call Foundation” is a non-profit organization that has teamed up with various law enforcement agencies and other non-profit organizations in an attempt to collect as many old cell phones as possible. These phones are then ...

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Do You Know Who This Is?

In honor of the Park R-3 school  district’s 125th anniversary this fall, the Estes Park News is running a fun promotion for the event. We will be running a series of photos of past Estes Park High School graduates. If you think you know who the photo at right is, email your answer to She attended Estes Park Schools and graduated as a Junior. The first person with the correct answer w ...

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Net-Metering For Renewable Energy Offered By Estes Park Light & Power

Credit Issued for Excess Energy Generated by Customer-Generators A new agreement offered by Estes Park Light & Power will allow customers who - through solar, wind or other approved renewable energy systems – create more energy than they need to feed net excess energy back through the grid and be credited for it. Credit at 1 kWh for 1 kWh for excess energy generated at a customer’s site, through the use ...

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