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Meeting The Challenge: Town Distributes 2008 Water Quality Report

The Town of Estes Park Water Department mailed the newly-released Annual Water Quality Report to all water customers this week.  The report includes information on the Town’s water source, treatment facilities, health information and sampling results from January through December of 2008. The Water Quality Report is available on the Town’s website at Copies are al ...

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Road Closure Announcement

Moraine Ave. north bound lanes will be closed Monday through Wednesday June 22-24. All northbound traffic will be diverted onto Rockwell Street and around to the Riverside Drive intersection. This is an emergency repair that started with a Water Dept. response to a leaking water service line at the Park Theater. CDOT & PW are allowing this work now to avoid a possible total rupture of the line in July o ...

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Estes Park Volunteer Fire Department Supports Fire Protection District

Estes Park Mayor Bill Pinkham and the Board of Trustees were presented with a letter from the members of the Estes Park Volunteer Fire Department (EPVFD) stating their support for the development of the Estes Valley Fire Protection District. Members of the EPVFD voted in favor of forming a district that would encompass the existing response area. The mission of the Estes Park Volunteer Fire Department is to ...

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Be Safe Around Swift Water

By: Derek Rosenquist, Administrative and Training Captain, Estes Park Volunteer Fire Department With the arrival of warmer weather, rivers are rising and flowing faster. Although they can be unsafe any time of year, they are especially treacherous now. Adults can easily be swept off of their feet and into the water where hidden hazards lie under the surface. Hypothermia sets in quickly with low water temper ...

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Town Invites Public Comment On Prospect Avenue Reconstruction Design

The Town of Estes Park Public Works Department is proposing a design to reconstruct a 2,500-foot section of Prospect Avenue. A public forum will be held on Wednesday, June 17 from 5:00 until 6:00 p.m. in Room 203 of the Town Hall, located at 170 MacGregor Avenue in Estes Park. Cornerstone Engineering and Surveying, the project consultant, will present a completed preliminary design for public review, questi ...

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Town Water Is Safe

Town of Estes Park water customers may notice a slight yellow or green tint to water when filling a white sink or bathtub. The water does not pose any health hazards. Extensive quality testing performed by the Town verifies the water complies with all State and Environmental Protection Agency standards. The discolored water occurs with the natural breakdown of organic matter during the winter, and carries d ...

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Free Parking Available At More Than 30 Locations Across Town

Public parking areas in Estes Park include free parking lots and on-street parking with all-day, three-hour and 30-minute time allowances. Drivers should refer to parking lot signs for site-specific information and exceptions. The Town of Estes Park produces free parking maps which are available in containers placed on poles at public parking lot entrances. Parking areas are patrolled daily. Free all-day pa ...

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Town Hall Meeting On Transitioning To The Future

On Thursday, June 18, at 7:00 p.m., the Sustainable Mountain Living (SML) group will be hosting a community-wide Town Hall meeting focusing on the future of the Estes Valley. The group will be proposing that our community adopt The Estes Valley Transition Initiative, a plan for creating a low-energy, resilient and sustainable future. The world is facing the convergence of major de-stabilizing issues over th ...

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