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The Buck Starts Here At Estes Valley Library

Over the last few years, the Estes Valley Library has increased its focus on money-related resources. For example, the Library launched a successful two-year initiative to promote financial literacy, from basic money management to personal finance. “Common Cents Counts” has been sustained through grant funds. The Library continues to be a valuable resource for those who want to improve their financial stand ...

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Bond Park Redevelopment To Continue

The Town of Estes Park has hired Chroma Design to design and manage the construction for the 2012 redevelopment work in Bond Park. Public input will be sought on the proposed design during the spring, and construction is tentatively planned for October of 2012. This year’s redevelopment of Bond Park will include some of the features outlined in Phase Five of the Bond Park Master Plan. They include the south ...

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New Features Coming To Library’s Computer Catalog

On February 1, the Estes Valley Library will launch a new version of its online catalog, offering patrons—both in the library and at home—an array of new features for easier searching and browsing. The new software takes advantage of many online innovations of the last decade, complete with moving images, interactive features, and a more “Google-like” display of search results. A special Library workshop on ...

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Winter Work Advised In Battle Against Pine Beetles

Winter is an ideal time to protect neighborhood trees by removing pines that were infested by mountain pine beetles this past summer and fall, according to Town of Estes Park Public Works Director Scott Zurn. “It should be evident which trees were attacked by the entry holes and pitch tubes beetles cause making their way into the trees,” Zurn stated. Pitch tubes look like wads of bubble gum or pieces of pop ...

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April 3 Election Will Determine Four Seats On Town Board Of Trustees

The Town of Estes Park is preparing for an election for four seats on the Board of Trustees, including that of the Mayor. In the April 3 mail ballot-only election, voters will determine who will occupy seats currently held by Mayor Bill Pinkham and Trustees Chuck Levine, John Ericson and Jerry Miller. Chuck Levine is term-limited, while the other three incumbents are eligible to run for an additional four-y ...

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Town Board Submits Comments To WAPA

The Town of Estes Park will submit a list of comments, in the form of the attached resolution, for Western Area Power Administration to consider during the scoping period for the proposed Estes-Flatiron Transmission Rebuild Project.  We understand that this proposed project is in its earliest stages and we appreciate the opportunity to comment. RESOLUTION NO.  18-11 A RESOLUTION TO CONSIDER COMMENTS FOR WES ...

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Spotting An Imposter

The holidays are a time of giving, but they are also another opportunity for scammers to line their pockets. Scammers fabricate all kinds of convincing stories to get money from their victims. If someone contacts you claiming to be a family member or friend, and asks you to wire cash for an emergency, think twice. Check the story out with other friends or family, and ask questions that a stranger couldn’t p ...

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Alone We Cannot Solve The World’s Problems, But We Can Each Do Something

By: Rene Moquin and Donna SalamoffDonna and I have been involved with Marion Medical Mission and their efforts to install shallow water wells in remote villages in Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania East Africa.During my volunteer work in Africa the past three years, I have visited 250 villages. It's one thing to hear about children dying of waterborne diseases in the news. It's another to have held their hands an ...

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