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First Estes Park In Bloom Project Takes Place Friday, May 17

Aspen trees to be planted at Scott Avenue ponds The first Estes Park in Bloom project is scheduled to take place on May 17. Through a partnership of the Town’s Parks Division, the Estes Park Tree Board, Eagle Rock School and Platte River Power Authority, 70 aspen trees will be planted in the area of the Scott Avenue ponds to aid in natural contaminant filtration. Approximately 25 students from Eagle Rock Sc ...

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Library Is Looking For Summer Reading Program Junior Volunteers

The Estes Valley Library’s youth department is looking for trustworthy junior volunteers to help distribute prizes for their summer reading program. Students ages 11-18 will be responsible for the record keeping of what prizes are given to each participant and the care and safe keeping of prizes on a cart. Enthusiasm, encouragement to readers, smiles and attention to detail are a plus. Volunteer shifts are ...

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Town Of Estes Park Now Accepts Credit Cards And Offers Online Bill Payments

The Town of Estes Park now accepts credit and debit cards, giving customers the convenient option to pay for certain Town fees and charges online and at Town Hall, 170 MacGregor Ave. Services currently payable by credit card include electric and water utility bills, Division of Building Safety permit fees (building, sign, roofing, etc.) and business license renewalsthrough the Town Clerk’s office. Credit an ...

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Update On Town Projects

With spring popping up just around the corner, the Town has a number of projects on our plate that you'll be seeing in one stage or another over the next few months. I wanted to give you a short update on a number of these projects that we're working on. The latest stage of the Bond Park improvements is right on schedule. Of all our current projects, I've probably heard the most about this one. Yes, we know ...

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Home Fire Sprinklers Designed to Save Lives, Local Demonstration to Show How

More than 80 percent of all fire deaths occur in the home. Sprinklers and smoke alarms together cut your risk of dying in a home fire by 82% relative to having neither. Home fire sprinkler systems keep a fire small and reduce the amount of heat and smoke, giving people time to escape and in many cases they put the fire out completely. To help with understanding the benefits of having in-home fire sprinkler ...

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Mike Kearney – Newest Estes Valley Fire Protection District Board Member

By: Fire Chief Scott Dorman Kearney was appointed at the regular Fire Board meeting on March 24th and took the Oath of Office on Wednesday April 3rd. The Oath was given by newly elected Board President Frank Theis. The ceremony was held at the Dannels Fire Station and included Fire Chief Scott Dorman, Administrative Assistant and Board Secretary Suzanne Landkamer, Board members Jack Rumley, Doug Klink, and ...

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EPD Gets New License Plate Scanner Technology

By: Eric Rose Police Commander The Estes Park Police Department is now able to gather critical law enforcement information through a license plate reader (LPR). The LPR system detects license plates on parked and moving vehicles with cameras mounted to the roof of the police vehicle. Video is captured and compared to a regional law enforcement database, alerting officers to stolen vehicles and license plate ...

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Accident Victim Found

At 2:00 p.m. this afternoon David Laurienti’s body was found in the Upper Fay Lakes drainage on the north slope of Ypsilon Mountain. His body has been protected and moved to a more secure location. The six-person park team who located his body will be coming out of the backcountry tonight. Tomorrow, park rangers will evaluate alternatives for the safe recovery of his body. This will be dictated largely by w ...

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